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Astilbe Roots - Mix Shipping Zones 5-12 Now!

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  • Perennial; Grows up to 32-40 inches tall, 18-24 inches wide
  • Mid-Late Summer Blooming, Easy to Grow, Deer Resistant, Mixed Colored Plumes
  • Prefers Partial Shade

Product Description

We canít wait for you to try these Astilbes. The mix is a great option to add variety and color to your garden with feathery plumes reach between 32 and 40 inches tall. Deer donít like to eat them, but honey bees and other pollinators love them. We think you will, too!
  • Fast Facts

    Name:Mixed Astilbe Roots
    Botanical Name:Astilbe arendsii
    Life Cycle:Perennial
    Root Size:2-3 Eyes
    Color:Mixed Color Plumes
    Planting Season:Spring
    Bloom Season:Mid-Late Summer
    Height at Maturity:32-40 inches tall, 18-24 inches wide
    Planting Depth:Top of the root should be 1" below the soil line
    Light Requirement:Partial Shade
    Hardiness Zones:3-8
  • Planting Instructions

    Astilbes are a beautiful addition to almost any area. Also called False Goat's Beard or Meadowsweet, there are over 25 different varieties of Astilbe, each with a different colors and characteristics. With the right conditions and some occasional water, Astilbes will thrive and provide a unique look to your planting area.

    When to Plant your Astilbe Roots:

    Plant your Astilbe roots in the Spring.

    Where to Plant your Astilbe Roots:

    Plant your Astilbes in a location protected from full sun - Astilbes can't survive the heat of the full sun. Astilbes thrive in shady areas that other plants can't handle. Make sure that the soil in that area is humus-rich and well-draining. If you want to amend your soil, you can add perlite, coarse sand or peat moss to increase draining qualities.

    How to Plant your Astilbe Roots:

    Dig a hole about twice as wide as the roots and around 4-6 inches deep so the top of the roots are about 1 inch below the soil line.

    How to Care for your Astilbe Roots:

    Make sure that your growing Astilbes get enough water - we recommend that instead of watering a little bit every day, water your Astilbes deeply when the soil looks dry. After about 4 years, divide and replant your roots as to not over-crowd your plants.

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