Collection: Spring Flower Bulbs

Spring fever got ahold of you? Order some spring bulbs today to get in the garden early and fix those winter doldrums with some early pops of color. Eden Brothers has over 200 varieties of spring bulbs available to suit a wide range of growing regions and personal preferences. Choose from the hardy anemone for an early splash of cool colors, or collect a few ranunculus bulbs for a striking lookalike to spring roses. You can’t leave the shop without at least a few dahlia bulbs either—the magnificent blooms atop succulent stems will have you (and your neighbors) swooning. Even easier than sowing seeds, plant as many spring bulbs as you can stand for stunning summer flowers.

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Gardening with Spring Bulbs

What’s a gardener to do when the first warm day in spring tempts us into the garden? When it’s still too early to sow seeds, but you’re desperate to have your hands in the dirt, consider ordering spring bulbs. Choose from 200+ varieties of easy-to-grow spring bulbs to brighten up your garden.

Maybe, like so many of us, you’re just a little late on your planting. You may have missed the window to plant fall bulbs—fortunately, spring bulbs are a little more forgiving. Go ahead and order spring bulbs today, but wait until a few weeks after the last frost to get these treasures in the ground. The exception to this rule are ranunculus and anemone bulbs—don’t be afraid to pre-spout those beauties and plant the corms months before your last frost for an early show of stupendous color.

Using spring bulbs for cut flowers

Spring bulbs are among the first to bloom, making early and excellent cut flowers. Anemones and ranunculus are favorites with cut flower growers—these hardy plants grow from the smallest corms, and if properly taken care of, come back season after season with bold and beautiful blooms. Or maybe you’re more of a dahlia person—you just can’t get enough of the heartbreakingly beautiful blooms in every imaginable color of the rainbow.

Can’t decide between cream and yellow freesias, or magenta and red begonias? Buy one of each! There’s no excuse to forgo spring bulb planting when Eden Brothers has such a wide selection available. Spring bulbs, while some of the most low-maintenance plants, never fail to bloom in such stupendous color season after season.

Whether or not it’s important to you to have the first flowers at your local farmer’s market, spring bulbs are an easy and dependable source of early blooms. Popular with florists, they are an essential addition to container gardens. You'll also impress fellow growers with rare and beautiful blooms they've never seen before—just don't tell them how easy it is to grow spring bulbs!

Spring bulbs are easy to plant and maintain

Plant spring bulbs in containers or the field for gorgeous blooms year after year. Spring bulbs are easy to plant, perfect for beginner gardeners and experienced gardeners alike who don’t have much time. Dig individual holes for each bulb or dig a small trench for mass plantings of spring bulbs and swathes of summer color. Spring bulbs are some of the hardiest plants—partly because their energy is stored in a bulb rather than a fragile seed. Spring bulbs return their energy to the bulb every fall, go dormant for the winter, and bloom again the following spring.

Because spring bulbs are such no-fuss plants, they take to transplanting relatively easily. Grow spring bulbs in containers one season and in your backyard the next—shuffle these flowers around to suit your fancy. Spring bulbs also make incredible gifts—order a few extra of your favorite varieties to gift your family and friends this spring.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or you’re just looking to get into cut flower production, Eden Brother’s spring bulb collection is the perfect place to start. And we give you all the resources you'll need for success in Gardening 101. Let your creativity make your selections, and let nature take care of the rest.