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Gardening doesn't have to be structured, but many people find great enjoyment in creating patches of earth for a special purpose. From white glowing moon gardens to memory gardens honoring past loves, there's a flower for that. As with any hobby, the choices are endless when it comes to subjects. Some are more common than others: cottage garden or an all-black flower garden? We've got it. We've gathered together interesting themes and filled them with the best seeds and bulbs for that particular category. We've tried to make it easy and fun for you to design a special space without having to do much research. Just choose your theme and watch it grow!

Unique themes for your garden

Now, you don’t have to worry about paying a contractor to design your garden—the team at Eden Brothers has done all the hard work for you and left you the fun part—planting. Each of our 25 themed gardens contains between 10 and 20 seeds and bulbs that fit that particular theme, taking all the guesswork out of the process. All you need do is place the order and wait patiently for your garden to arrive in the mail!

But what is a themed garden? So glad you asked! A themed garden is exactly how it sounds—a garden that is dedicated to a specific idea or purpose, perhaps designed with someone particular in mind or centered around a favorite color or plant. Themed gardens are incredible to look at, truly a piece of art and a natural wonder.

25 flower and vegetable garden themes

Vegetable gardens, herb gardens, and cut flower gardens are all common examples of themed gardens, but themed gardens can be as creative as you have the ability to dream! Container gardens and shade gardens are often borne out of necessity, while cottage gardens are a stylistic choice. Honor the memory of a loved one with a memory garden, or plant a rare and unique moon garden to enjoy in the quiet hours of the night. Embrace the magic of childhood by cultivating a kid-sized garden as you teach your little ones the importance of eating healthy food.

Are you a little stumped on what garden theme to go with? Consider your planting space. If you’re limited by space, sunlight, or drainage, let the reality of your situation weigh in on your choice—rest assured, you can still make that space pop with whatever colors you want!

Next, think about what you look for in a garden. Is it color? We have a themed garden for every color of the rainbow. Fragrance? There’s a perfect mix of flower seeds and bulbs with the sweetest scents. Do you like to watch the bees and butterflies? Try our pollinator garden and do your part to save the bees by creating habitat for native insects and birds. Or do certain flowers remind you of a specific person or memory? The memory garden package will serve as a living memorial for your loved one. Use these reflections to decide what garden theme will bring you joy and serve whatever purpose you deem most important.

Build your themed garden on a solid foundation with the highest-quality flower seeds and bulbs. Eden Brothers has compiled the perfect combinations of flowers, vegetables, and herbs for 25 common garden theme ideas. Even if your themes garden idea isn’t on this list, it’s worth checking out how these themed gardens are structured for your own themed garden inspiration.

Easy-to-grow garden theme ideas

Planning a garden has never been easier. When you’re as busy as you are, you need quality products that you know will deliver. All Eden Brothers’ seeds are backed by the Safe Seed Pledge—our seed packets are 100% pure seed with no filler or additives. These seeds and bulbs have been trialed and tested for years so that we’re certain you’re receiving the highest-quality product we have to offer. Order your themed garden today for a summer experience you won’t forget. If you need a few reminders or tips for growing, head over to Gardening 101.