Collection: Flower Bulbs & Perennials

Gardening is all about the changing seasons. With spring and fall come new opportunities for planting, as well as new discoveries of growth and beauty. Flower bulbs are one easy and inexpensive way to accomplish the garden of your dreams. Their special advantage of storing energy between seasons gives them all they need to develop roots, leaves and blooms. Eden Brothers' bulb and perennial selection is staggering, with over 600 varieties to explore. Find your zone, choose your top features, and get to growing!

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A vast selection of flower bulbs and perennials

Explore the endless combinations of these 250 flower bulbs and perennials for the garden of your dreams. Flower bulbs and perennials are one of the perfect pairings in the garden. Incredibly easy to plant and maintain, requiring at most a drink during the driest spells, and pruning once a year, flower bulbs and perennials are an easy solution to introduce more color and texture into the garden, especially for the home gardener or farmer with very little time on their hands (which is to say most of us, isn’t it?)

Planting flower bulbs in spring or fall

At Eden Brothers, we’ve organized our flower bulbs and perennials catalog by spring-planted and fall-planted varieties, so you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. If you want to search for flower bulbs and perennials by a specific feature, use the filters on the left-hand side of the page to isolate varieties based on characteristics like drought-tolerant, pollinator attractors, and deer resistant species. Each product also has a detailed description along with planting instructions at a glance and in greater detail, so you save even more time when you order flower bulbs and perennials from Eden Brothers.

It's easy to grow and care for flower bulbs!

Easy-to-grow and maintain flower bulbs and perennials can be wonderful for the beginning gardener and master gardener alike. Flower bulbs and perennials are perfect for beginning gardeners, as they require minimal care. Whether spring-planted or fall-planted, flower bulbs provide an ideal opportunity for beginning gardeners to get their feet wet in the wide world of gardening. Experienced gardeners appreciate the ease and productivity of flower bulbs and perennials—sometimes these bulbs, peonies in particular, even outlive the gardeners that originally planted them!

There’s a reason these flower bulbs and perennials have been treasured for generations. These dependable plants produce, year after year, and never cease to disappoint. Join the billions of gardeners around the world that cultivate these classic plants, and you’ll understand the obsession with flower bulbs and perennials.

Plant different flower bulbs together for extended blooms

Choose between spring-planted beauties for easy summer blooms, or order fall-planted varieties for first flowering in early spring! Better yet, incorporate both spring-and fall-planted flower bulbs and perennials into your garden plan this season to have something blooming all year long. Planted in the correct zone, these bulbs and perennial roots will grace your yard or garden each year with fresh blooming flowers.

What will your garden look like this year? Will you have a native pollinator patch planted with echinacea, liatris, and astilbe? Or will you cultivate a quaint and lovely cottage garden spilling over with begonias, calla lilies, bearded iris, and peonies? The choice is all yours, and you really can’t go wrong.

Fresh flower bulbs shipped at the right time

Each bulb is sourced from the freshest suppliers available in Holland, France, and Israel, and quality-checked before being shipped to your door. Purchase your flower bulbs now and Eden Brothers will ship them during the proper planting season for your growing zone. A premier online supplier of flowers and bulbs, Eden Brothers offers over 250 flower bulbs and perennials for sale. For large landscaping jobs, contact us for wholesale prices. Make sure you're in the know when it comes time to grow by reading our Flower Bulb Planting Guide.