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Between Eden Brothers’ expansive flower seed collection and your gardening skills, we’re ready to brighten the world with beautiful blooms. Try long-time best sellers like zinnia, cosmos and lupine flower seeds. Or choose a flower seed for being a pollinator, deer-resistant, annual, perennial or any number of other special reasons. You'll find head-turning conversation starters with our rare seeds and unusual flowers. We’ve made it easy to shop with over 600 flower seed varieties in every imaginable color, shape, and size. Be amazed by what bursts forth from one tiny seed.

Best-Selling Flower Seed Categories

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600 of the best flower varieties for your home garden

With over 600 varieties of flowers to choose from, there is surely a flower cultivar for every garden. We pride ourselves in finding high-quality, rare, and hard-to-find flower seeds to bring your gardens the interest and intrigue of growing something your neighbors may not. Our selection contains hundreds of well-known heirlooms, open-pollinated, and organic varieties. A proud supporter of the Safe Seed Pledge, all our seeds have always been and continue to be untreated and non-GMO.

The largest online flower seed retailer, with heirloom and organic varieties, fragrant pollinator-attracting, and bold deer-repelling flowers, Eden Brothers has an abundance of all-natural flower seeds for a rainbow of blooms in your garden, all season long. Whether you’re growing in zone 1 or 11, and whether you have acres of land or a humble container garden, there’s something here to meet your needs.

The many benefits of flower gardening

Whatever your experience level and personal preference, we have the perfect flower seed variety for you. Interested in cut flower production? Heat-loving annuals like cosmos and zinnias are among the easiest flowers to grow, perfect for beginners. Sweet peas provide a little more of a challenge, with their watering and trellising needs. Or is your goal to cultivate a cottage garden, with varieties like hollyhocks and phlox? Whether you lean more towards the aesthetic or functional, we’ve got you covered.

Maybe you can’t even decide where to start, and that’s no problem either. We have several flower seed collections, based on our favorite varieties and plants that grow well together. Let our website guide you to the best flower seed selections for your needs.

Take all the guesswork out of your seed shopping when you buy from Eden Brothers. Use the features tab on the left-hand column of this page to search all of our flowers by certain identifiers, like “organic” “drought-tolerant” or “edible,” saving you time and making the difficult decision process that much easier.

It’s never too late to buy flower seeds, but you might want to place your order today to make sure you get the varieties and quantities that you want. Flower seeds, especially our best-selling cut flowers and rare flower seed varieties, sell out fast—and we don’t want you to be disappointed.

Starting flower seeds indoors or outside

Consider a variety of native plants, cut flower staples, and annual and perennial varieties to preserve biodiversity. Most flowers naturally self-seed in the wild, so direct sowing these beauties is no problem. A majority of warm-season flowers, like marigolds, zinnias, and sunflowers, actually prefer to be direct seeded when possible, as they have delicate taproots. But nearly all flowers can also be started indoors, in seed trays or pots. Sowing flower seeds indoors is particularly helpful for growers in cooler climates that have a shorter growing season.

Learn how to plant flower seeds

Bring nature to your doorstep with a beautiful field or flower bed of stunning, vibrant wildflowers. Whether you have acres or a small container on your patio, you can find our flower seeds for sale in a variety of increments from packets to pounds. Transform a bed, border, or meadow, or rethink your grass lawn with a wonderful wildflower alternative. Growing flowers from seed has never been easier, and we'll show you exactly how to do it in our Flower Seed Planting Guides.