Collection: Flower Bulbs & Perennials (Fall)

Planting flower bulbs in fall is a surefire way to brighten your garden and home come spring. It takes such little effort for such great reward, and the cost is minimal. Fall-planted favorites include tulips, daffodils, and alliums—their strong presence outdoors can be brought inside for cut flower arrangements or given as gifts to teachers, neighbors, and friends. With huge blooms, fragrant petals, and interesting foliage, fall-planted flower bulbs are suitable for a wide variety of climates and conditions. Have a look at Eden Brothers’ varieties (over 200 of them!), and join the flower bulb craze.

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Get a headstart on the next growing season with these 200+ varieties of fall-planted bulbs and perennials

Fall is typically seen as a time to wrap up the growing season and tie up the loose ends of the year, but any gardener that’s planted fall flower bulbs and perennials before knows that autumn is also a time of new beginnings. There’s no better time to get a jumpstart on your flower garden by planting the hardiest bulbs and perennials, which will spend the winter developing strong root systems, bursting from the soil with energy and vibrance come spring.

It’s never too early to start thinking about next season’s garden, and yours starts today with fall-planted bulbs and perennials. Right as you’re cleaning up your annual garden, tuck these corms, bulbs, and bare roots into the ground, and let nature do the rest. Right around the time you’ll be starting seeds, your fall-planted bulbs will be boasting glorious spring color.

Plant a variety of fall bulbs and perennials for continual blooms and fragrance all season long

Be sure to pair your daffodil and tulip plantings with Papver Orientale and lilies for early summer flowering just as the early bloomers are starting to die back. By the time that these early summer bloomers are spent, your annual flower garden will be starting to show. The elegant bearded iris and some other fall-planted perennials will bloom in early summer and show a second flush of color in autumn.

Who doesn’t love daffodils with their warm, sunny colors that signal the change of the seasons? Or the sultry tulips with their risque names that will have you romanticizing spring? Better yet, take your flower garden inside this winter with the lovely amaryllis or delicate paperwhite bulbs—simply plant these beauties in containers with gravel and water for fresh, fragrant blooms just in time for the holiday season.

Fall-planted bulbs and perennials are as functional as they are beautiful

Fall-planted bulbs and perennials make striking cut flowers in the vase—if you can stand to cut them. Just be sure to leave a few in the field for the hungry pollinators emerging from winter dormancy! Fall bulbs like crocus and hyacinth are a favorite among pollinators—bees and other insects love the nectar-rich, often sweet-smelling, brightly colored flowers.

Perennials, for all their beauty, are also functional in the garden. Edge your garden in deer-resistant siberian iris and alliums to help deter pests (although nothing really works quite as well as a seven-foot fence). Plant drought-tolerant hostas as a ground cover or border plant— the striking foliage contrasts well with a colorful flower garden. Choose a variety of bulbs and perennial flowers for a diverse garden, or plant more of the varieties that you already know and love!

Whatever your growing zone or garden requirements, Eden Brothers has a collection of fall-planted flower bulbs and perennials to meet your needs and match your budget. If you’re still stumped on where to start, consider one of our 100 fall bulbs and perennials collections, organized by color and plant species. Pre-order your bulbs and perennial rootstock today to secure your dream garden next season. Then find out exactly how to grow and care for them in our Flower Bulb Planting Guide.