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You have just arrived at the best place for fresh, delicious, and bountiful vegetables and herbs, all grown from pure seed. Eden Brothers is home to over 700 varieties with characteristics just as diverse: cool or warm season, direct sown, hybrid, drought tolerant, and more. We’ll guide you to the perfect microgreen or the hottest pepper because we know how important it is for our customers to find exactly what they want. Beyond that, we promise to exceed your expectations once your vegetable and herb seeds have progressed from seedlings to ripe and ready-to-harvest plants.

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The industry's best collection of vegetable and herb seeds

Congratulations are your decision to grow your own food this year. We’re so proud of you for making the decision to take your health into your own hands, and we’re delighted that you’ve come to us for the most important part of gardening—ordering the best vegetable and herb seeds.

Whether you’re a professional chef at a high-end restaurant or if you’re the cook in your household, you’ll want to keep these vegetables and herbs close at hand.

Heirloom, Organic, and Hybrid Seeds

We’re foodies at Eden Brothers, too—we seek out the best-tasting hybrids and treasured heirloom vegetables so that our home gardeners are farmers have a reliable source for all of their favorite vegetables and herbs. We understand, as well as anyone, that agriculture is essential—after all, we all eat. We know that food is an art, meant to be enjoyed as much as it is meant to be fuel for our bodies. We know that food is meant to be enjoyed in community. So we curate our vegetable and herb seed stock to the varieties that our customers know and love.

The perfect vegetable and herb seed varieties to fit your space

Whether you have acres of land at your disposal or a window box and a few pots, we have the vegetables and herbs to fit your needs. With other 700 varieties to choose from, you can be assured that Eden Brothers carries the most extensive selection of vegetables and herbs around.

Looking for a particular heirloom variety your grandparents used to grow? We probably carry that very cultivar. Are you interested in a hybrid variety that has some resistance to powdery mildew? We’ve got you covered.

Putting out a herb garden for the very first time? Try our Culinary Herb Collection for all the 10 essential spices and herbs to spice up your dishes this summer.

When in doubt, use the filters on the left-hand column of this page to sort our products by growing zone, plant life cycle, and other notable attributes. We know time is a treated resource in short supply, so we do all we can to streamline the process of seed shopping.

Grow with confidence, knowing your seeds are the highest quality

We’re picky growers ourselves, and we know the quality that our customers expect from us. Whether you choose to purchase certified organic seed or not, all of our products arrive at your doorstep packed with only 100% pure seed, without additives or fillers. That’s why we took the Safe Seed Pledge—to hold ourselves and our products to the highest standard.

We are the authority on peppers and tomatoes, as you can tell—offering over 75 varieties of tomatoes and 65 varieties of peppers. Choosing which varieties to grow is the hardest part of gardening, but make a compromise to yourself and grow what you can this year with the promise to trial new varieties next year.

Gardening isn't always easy, but at Eden Brothers, we do our part to ensure that your vegetable and herb garden is the most productive it’s ever been by setting you up with success from the very start. We guarantee our seeds because we believe in our work, and we’re proud of it. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another seed company with a greater selection of higher-quality seeds. Make sure you know the best way to grow and care for them by visiting Gardening 101.

The vegetable and herb garden of your dreams starts today, so don’t delay!