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Whatever your garden plans this season, we guarantee to have the perfect variety for your needs. Looking for some cut flower bulbs to add variety and round out your bloom season or decorate your home? Try fall-planted daffodils or tulips to have the first blooms of the year. Do you have a problem with critters eating our garden? Consider planting deer-resistant flower bulbs like peony and ranunculus. Yes, we plant flowers for beauty first and foremost, but why not do double duty in the garden with flower bulbs that actually solve problems, too?

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Use flowers to solve garden problems

Troubleshoot common garden problems with 500 functional (and beautiful) flower bulbs. For some gardeners, it’s difficult to give valuable garden real estate to flowers. While there are plenty of people in the world who know that beauty is enough justification to grow a field of flowers, others will argue that you can’t eat flowers, so what’s the point? While there are plenty of edible, nutritious flowers to fill out the vegetable patch, some flower bulbs offer so much more than a splash of color or a subtle fragrance.

Explore Deer-resistant flower bulbs

Did you know that bearded irises are deer-resistant? Calla lilies and anemones are too. Have you ever considered edging your garden with deer-resistant flower bulbs to deter these hungry critters from destroying your eating garden? There’s no guarantee that deer-resistant bulbs will keep deer completely out of your garden, but you can confidently plant these bulbs outside the fence and still sleep at night, knowing that the deer will more than likely just pass your flower patch by.

Benefits of pollinator-attracting flower bulbs

Maybe you dropped by the flower bulbs page to look for pollinator-attractor bulbs. Bees absolutely adore dahlias and are quite fond of gladiolus, too. Flower bulbs are a favorite with pollinators, as they’re usually the first flowers of the year to open. Pollinator-attracting flower bulbs create habitat and provide food for endangered species. Feel free to make your own color selections and mixes—there’s bound to be more than a few pollinators that like your style. Or, if you’d prefer, we have curated collections of our favorite colors and flowers that we know pollinators are desperate for.

Small-space gardening with flower bulbs

Container-friendly flower bulbs make the most out of small spaces and budgets. Perhaps your biggest concern is that you are limited to a container garden this season—but don’t worry, there is limitless potential to grow flower bulbs in a container garden! First, consider what containers you have. Hanging baskets? Five-gallon pots? Whiskey barrels? Will these containers get predominately full sun or some partial shade? Alliums thrive in small pots, and begonias are as happy in a hanging basket as they are in a raised bed. Don’t let a constrained space deter you from planting the garden of your dreams.

Whatever size space or growing conditions in your area, Eden Brothers has a selection of flower bulbs to fit your specific needs. Shop by solution using the different filters on the left-hand side of this page. Filter by growing zone, color, size, and features. Or, you can pursue different spring bulb groupings by purpose—cut flower bulbs, deer resistant bulbs, pollinator attractor bulbs, and container garden bulbs.

Bulbs are a little more of an investment than flower seeds, but they are so worth it. Flower bulbs are easy to plant, quick to mature, and low-maintenance. Most flower bulbs are drought-tolerant once established, and most flower bulbs don’t have problems with pests. This is your free pass to go crazy on your flower bulb order because these flower bulbs are solving far more problems than they cause (which is zero). Have fun with it, and let Eden Brothers’ bulb collection make your flower dreams come true. Be confident with whatever you decide to grow by using our Gardening 101 resource.