Our History

Eden Brothers' humble beginning started in 2009 in a small garage in Fall Brook, CA. After four years, the company moved to Asheville, NC with the hope of being able to house many more seeds and keep flower bulbs in house. We continued to grow our collection and finally opened to the public. Our team was small but dedicated, and in three short years we outgrew our smaller space and moved into our current warehouse where product selection (and staff!) has grown exponentially. We now offer thousands of products exclusively online to ship throughout the entire U.S. Our team continues to work diligently to provide the best customer experience for you.

Our Departments

  • Customer Service

    Our dedicated customer service representatives work diligently to answer your calls and emails. They provide information about growing and planting, answer questions about orders, and make sure customers have the best experience possible.

  • Shipping & Picking

    They might be a small group, but they are mighty when it comes to getting your order out the door! During spring and fall they ship and pick thousands of orders per week. Our shipping and picking team strives to have your order on its way to you as fast as possible and in perfect condition, of course!

  • Inventory & Pre-Packing

    This hard-working team ensures that we have the products available to make your garden and flower beds beautiful! They manage all the items coming into our warehouse, replenish products and make sure everything is stocked appropriately. They're also master organizers and keep the shelves perfectly arranged so seeds and bulbs can be found quickly.

  • Marketing

    This crew is responsible for maintaining the Eden Brothers' website and communicating with our valued customers. They create promotions, send emails about great offers, keep you informed on social media, and offer general inspiration. This team has it pretty easy—it's not hard to make flowers and fresh veggies look amazing!

  • Leadership Team

    These are the visionaries who keep us growing and improving each year. Our owner, general manager, IT director, operations director, horticulturist, and other department managers work together to take us to the next level. They have great responsibility but always remain accessible and attentive. We couldn't do it without their guidance and dedication!