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Cress Seeds - Curled OPEN POLLINATED

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  • Plant for a pop of quick flavor
  • Very nutritious
  • Prefers full sun exposure

Product Description

Tangy and zesty, curled cress is a nutritious and tasty accompaniment for use in all sorts of foods from salads to sandwiches to soups.Curled Cress is perhaps the best known and most commonly used of the 12 or so varieties of cress.Plant Curled Cress seeds indoors or out and enjoy a bountiful harvest.
  • Fast Facts

    Name:Cress Seeds - Curled
    Botanical Name:Lepidium sativum
    Life Cycle:Annual
    Light Requirement:Full Sun
    Planting Season:Cool Season
    Plant Type:Edible Shoots and Greens, Belongs to Mustard Family
    Features:Open Pollinated, Fast Growing, Container Garden
    Fruit Size:6-12 Inch Leafy Greens
    Days to Maturity:7-14 Days
    Plant Height:12 inches
    Plant Spacing:6-8 inches
    Planting Depth:1/4 inch
    Sowing Method:Direct Sow
    Cold Stratification:No
    Seeds per Pound:128, 000
    Hardiness Zones:2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
    Ships:Year Round
  • Planting Instructions

    How to Grow Curled Cress

    When to Plant Cress Seeds

    Plant seeds in early spring before the last frost. Cress grows quickly, and can be harvested in 15-20 days. Therefore, you can continue to sow Cress up until temperatures exceed 75 degrees F during the day, and then again in the late summer early fall when temperatures drop again.

    Where to Plant Cress Seeds

    Cress grows best in soil that is well-draining but still moist. Choose an area that is partially shady to full shade.

    How to Plant Cress Seeds

    Sow seeds ¼ inch deep, thickly in wide rows. Each row should be spaced approximately 18-24 inches apart. Make sure to choose a cooler, shady area. Cress becomes very bitter in hot weather. Water generously, make sure roots do not dry out. You can spray seedlings daily to keep moist. Thin the cress once seedlings are an inch or two tall so that they are six inches apart from each other.

    How to Harvest Cress

    Cress tastes best during its early seed/leaf stage, so cut or pinch tips of cress once it grows to about 3-4 inches tall. If you cut the plant back to ¼ inch, it will quickly regrow. Snip the stalks off at the base, and store in your refrigerator. Generally, it will last up to one week.

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