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Gourd Seeds - Giant Bottle

Gourd Seeds - Giant Bottle

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  • Originating in South Africa, bottle gourds are one of the oldest domesticated plants in the world
  • Though edible while still young, most gardeners use them for art or as tools
  • Dried fruits can be used as a utensil, container, or a musical instrument
  • Harvest when stem and tendrils near the fruit are entirely brown
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Life Cycle Annual
Planting Season Warm Season
Fruit Size 5 inches in diameter
Growth Habit Vining

Plant Characteristics Easy to Grow & Maintain, Edible, Fast Growing
Use Trellis Garden
Growing Conditions Outdoor
Harvest Advantages Decoration

About Gourd Seeds - Giant Bottle

Lagenaria siceraria

Seed Type Open Pollinated Seed

Bottle gourds, commonly referred to as trumpet, calabash, and white-flowered gourds, are sizable green fruits that can reach up to 12 inches in width and 40 inches in length. Cultivated across nearly every USDA zone, these gourds are often cured and utilized for decorative and crafting purposes. To ensure the development of attractive giant bottle gourds on your plants, it is crucial to carefully select and prepare the garden site. Throughout the growing season, provide the necessary care to the gourd seeds and offer support to the vines with a trellis to suspend the gourds effectively.

Planting Information

Planting Gourd Seeds - Giant Bottle

Planting Season Warm Season
Sowing Method Direct Sow, Start Indoors
Light Requirement Full Sun
Planting Depth 1/2 inch
Plant Spacing 24 to 36 inches
Water Needs Average
Hardiness Zones 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Days to Maturity 120 days
View our Gourd Planting Guide to learn more.


Amount Avg Seed Count
Packet 19
1 Ounce 175

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