Collection: Continuous Blooms Garden (Bulbs & Seeds)

Enjoy a blooming garden for as long as possible with this selection of combined bulbs and seeds! We've gathered up several beautiful choices that will create continuous blooms from spring, into summer and through fall. Tips and tricks to achieve your continuous blooming garden: To get the full effect of continuous blooms as intended, you'll want to plant most of the items featured. The fall-planted bulbs (Fragrant Collection and Cottage Collection) will be shipped and planted in the fall. Baby's Breath is a bouquet favorite so plant in abundance in the spring! The Rocket Larkspur can be planted in the fall with your fall-planted bulbs or in the spring with the Baby's Breath and dahlias. China aster is planted in the spring and will bloom from summer through fall. If you prefer purchasing just one or two items, try our Annual Endless Succession Mix or our Perennial Succession Mix.

A year of the best fresh flowers to buy online

Do you dream of fresh flowers all season long? At Eden Brothers, we think everyone should have a year's worth of flowers. So our team of horticulturalists has chosen the best varieties for to create a collection of flowers for varied blooming all season long.

Whether you buy one or two of these varieties or the whole collection, you can rest assured that your flower seeds and bulbs are coming from the highest quality source. Not only does Eden Brothers have the most extensive collection of flower seeds and bulbs, but we've taken the Safe Seed Pledge so that your garden will have the best possible start, grown from 100% seed with zero fillers or additives.

Strategic planting for multiple successions

Start with the fall-planted Fragrant Spring Blooms Collection—plant the bulbs in the mix in early autumn, along with the Tulip and Daffodil Spring Cottage Collection. Direct sow Rocket Larkspur and Gloriosa Daisy in your garden in early fall, to ensure that these seeds will be properly cold-stratified and will bloom in the following spring.

As soon as the soil is workable in early spring, plant gladiolus bulbs for midsummer color that will draw butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. Around this time you can also direct sow Arroyo Lupin seeds, or start indoors up to two months before your area's last spring frost.

Direct sow China Aster Seeds - Single Mix after the last frost or start indoors around the same time as lupin seeds. Direct sow baby's breath in the garden after all danger of frost has passed, and sow regularly throughout the season for multiple flushes of color. Wait a couple of weeks after the last spring frost before planting 90 Days of Dahlias - Long Lasting Mix, and you'll be rewarded with three full months of exquisite color.

Maybe try one of our two exclusive continuous blooming wildflower mixes—direct sow Endless Summer - Perennial Succession Mix in fall for a calendar year's worth of recurring color year after year. Direct sow Endless Summer - Annual Succession Mix after the last spring frost for an exclusive blend of re-seeding annual wildflowers that bloom from late spring until early fall.

Flower bulbs and seeds are easy to grow

A year of cut flowers doesn't get any easier than planting bulbs or direct sowing seeds in the garden. All of these flower seeds can be direct sown in the garden, and all of the flower bulbs will be shipped to your door during the perfect planting window for your growing zone.

Treat yourself to the garden of your dreams this year with a mix of these annual and perennial seeds and bulbs for a dazzling display of color all season long. Order your seeds and bulbs today before they sell out for the season. Make sure you know how to plant and care for them—just visit our Gardening 101 resource center for planting guides.