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Dahlia Tubers (Dinnerplate) - Cafe au Lait
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  • Grows up to 48 Inches, 10 Inch Flowers
  • Late Summer Blooming, Easy to Grow, Creamy Beige Flowers
  • Prefers Full Sun

Product Description

Dinnerplate Dahlia - Cafe au Lait

One of the most popular and sought after Dahlia cultivars in recent years, the gorgeous Cafe au Lait is one of the most popular varieties we carry! Ranging in color from a blush pink/peach to a creamy beige, Cafe au Laits are usually darker towards the center and fade to an elegant, pale shade towards the outside. A top choice for brides and florists alike, Cafe au Lait Dahlias deserve to be a part of your Dahlia garden this summer!

  • Fast Facts

    Name:Cafe au Lait (Dinnerplate) Dahlia
    Botanical Name:Dahlia
    Life Cycle:Annual in Colder Zones / Annual/Perennial Zones 8-11
    Bulb/Tuber Size:No. 1 (2 - 3 Eyes) - Largest Size Commercially Available
    Color:Creamy Beige Blooms
    Planting Season:Spring
    Bloom Season:June - August
    Height at Maturity:Up to 48", Blooms up to 10"
    Planting Depth:Deep Enough to Cover with 2" of Soil
    Light Requirement:Full Sun
    Hardiness Zones:All Hardy 8 - 11, Colder Zones Lift Prior to Frost
  • Planting Instructions

    Dahlia Bulbs (tubers) are available in many catching colors and exotic shapes to give you a spectacular show of color in borders, beds or even containers. They have long been a favorite with gardeners as they are hardy and low maintenance. Dahlias will yield beautiful blooms from mid-summer through fall.


    When to Plant your Dahlia Bulbs:


    Unlike other bulbs such as Tulips, Dahlias like warm soils so plant Dahlia bulbs during the warmer and longer days of spring. Dahlias are usually planted about the same time you would plant your vegetable patch. Dahlia bulbs can be planted as late as mid-June in most parts of the country.


    Where to Plant you Dahlia Bulbs:


    Dahlia is an accommodating plant - it will grow almost anywhere! Dahlias will thrive in full sun but can tolerate some partial shade - the more sun, the bigger the flowers. Try to select a location that receives at least 6 hours of sun, sheltered from the wind and with, and this is vital, good drainage.


    How to Plant your Dahlia Bulbs:


    Dig a hole twice as deep and wide as the Dahlia bulb. Put the tuber in the hole with the “eye” on the tuber facing up. The eye is the point on the shoulder, or crown, of the tuber from which the plant grows. If you are planting a number of dahlias in the same location, they should be separated by about 2 feet to give each plant room to grow. The shorter varieties can be planted closer together. Plan for the rows to be 3 to 5 feet apart depending on the size of the plant. Fill in with soil to just cover the top of the bulb. As you begin to see new growth appear, cover again with soil. Covering the stem gradually will allow the stem to strengthen so it can support the flowers. Unless it is a very dry spring, it is not be necessary to water at the time of planting. The tubers will begin growing with the warmth and moisture in the soil. It is vital that they form a root system early in their planted life to assure a strong and healthy plant. Watering at the time of planting may encourage rot but as soon as your Dahlias are growing above the ground, water deeply to encourage strong roots.


    How to Care for your Dahlia Bulbs:


    Young dahlia plants do not need a lot of water; in fact, excessive water can lead to rotting of the plant. For larger plants, a good rule of thumb is to water if the rainfall is less than one inch in seven days. Pots require more regular watering. As the plant grows, remove any broken or damaged foliage. Good air circulation, especially near the ground is needed by the plants to prevent powdery mildew. Once the plants are several feet high the lower leaves can be removed to increase air circulation. Your dahlias will continue to bloom prolifically right up until frost. A heavy frost will kill the plant so you may want to dig the half a dozen or more tubers the plant has produced. Those tubers can then be stored and grown next spring!

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Product Reviews

Global Rating: 5.00 from 12 reviews
Dahlia Tubers (Dinnerplate) - Cafe au Lait 5.0

Review By Gardengal

Beautiful flowers!

This was my first time growing dahlia tubers and I have to say I am hooked now! These dahlias are so amazingly beautiful I keep staring at them and showing everyone! The plants are doing great! Can't wait to grow more next year!

Dahlia Tubers (Dinnerplate) - Cafe au Lait 5.0

Review By Marisag


I planted these Dahlias about 10 years ago. They come back year after year... and are now so well-established that I can cut them down at any time of year and they almost immediately grow back. I live in a frost-free zone, but my other dahlias die back until the Spring. These seem to be more cream colored in drought years, and a deeper pink in years with lots of rain. I just love them. My favorite dahlia!

Dahlia Tubers (Dinnerplate) - Cafe au Lait 5.0

Review By Kristen

Magnificent Blooms

My neighbors are still talking about my beautiful dahlias! This summer was my first attempt...I was very nervous because of the deer population in North Jersey; however, the deer stayed away for the most part as I spray frequently. I am still amazed by the Cafe Au Lait and Thomas Edison flowers. I cut my last flower on October 20th!!! Truly stunning!!!

Dahlia Tubers (Dinnerplate) - Cafe au Lait 5.0

Review By Roger Flatford

Very excited about this Dahlia

Awesome!! I have read so much about this one. Can't wait to see it bloom. It is growing strong!!

Dahlia Tubers (Dinnerplate) - Cafe au Lait 5.0

Review By Judy scott

Cafe Au Lait bulbs

Bulbs looked great and all are coming up!! Love this company!!!

Dahlia Tubers (Dinnerplate) - Cafe au Lait 5.0

Review By Ruby Cullen

Pleased with order

Received my order. Nice sized, healthy bulbs. Can't wait to see them bloom!

Dahlia Tubers (Dinnerplate) - Cafe au Lait 5.0

Review By Lorraine G

Buckets of blooms

I had at least four dozen blooms cut from eight tubers planted. I'm in Minnesota and my dahlias bloomed until frost. Made my wedding fantastic, had a happy bride and groom!

Dahlia Tubers (Dinnerplate) - Cafe au Lait 5.0

Review By Lorraine G

Cafe Au Lait's

I received 8 nice bulbs and planted them mid June. One month later they are all up and are about one foot high. I am a wedding florist and have high hopes that I'll be using them in a wedding October 2nd.

Dahlia Tubers (Dinnerplate) - Cafe au Lait 5.0

Review By svetlana maddox

"Cafe au Lait"

I ordered two bulbs and they were mailed to me right away. The bulbs came healthy and are now growing in my garden really fast. I am very pleased with Eden Brothers products.

Dahlia Tubers (Dinnerplate) - Cafe au Lait 5.0

Review By KM

Very Happy

I heard that dinnerplate dahlia don't do as well around where I live (zone 8b), but I couldn't resist trying. The tubers sprouted about a week after the pink and purple mix tubers I tried. The only thing I would note is that the dinnerplates did better with a bit more water. At first I was conservative with the water because I didn't want them to rot. Then I noticed the cafe au lait's were not sprouting so I watered them more deeply. Sure enough, they have almost caught up to the other guys. Very happy with this purchase, and I will buy from Eden Brother's again.

Dahlia Tubers (Dinnerplate) - Cafe au Lait 5.0

Review By Robert A.

last years fail…but…...

I planted Cafe au Lait from another company last year and for some reason, it just did not make it, none of the tubers! This year however, Cafe au Lait from Eden have done well. I have put 68 varieties,in my gardens this year (many from your company), and I have had great results, my plants are budding already. I am in Maui, Hawaii and very rare to find dahlias here, but mine are doing wonderful and are very healthy! Happy Season. to you all..
Thank you Eden…

Dahlia Tubers (Dinnerplate) - Cafe au Lait 5.0

Review By Anna

Generous tubers

Tubers are sprouting well and I can hardly wait for the flowers! Just need to kept the deer away.

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