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Saffron Crocus Bulbs - Crocus Sativus Out for Season

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Out for Season (see shipping schedule)

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  • Perennial; Grows up to 4 Inches
  • Fall Blooming,Easy to Grow, Blue Flowers with Orange and Yellow Pistils
  • Prefers Sun/Partial Shade

Product Description

Not only is this crocus beautiful, its stigmas are also edible! The gourmets all know that Saffron can cost hundreds of dollars just for an ounce! So why not grow it yourself in your own garden? Harvesting Saffron is easy, simply pick the red stigmas on each flower once the flowers are fully open. You may use right away or dry and store for months.

  • Fast Facts

    Name:Saffron Crocus
    Botanical Name:Crocus sativus
    Life Cycle:Perennial
    Bulb/Tuber Size:8 cm - 9 cm Circumference
    Color:Purple / Blue Blooms with Yellow and Orange Pistils (Saffron)
    Planting Season:Fall, Winter
    Bloom Season:September/October
    Height at Maturity:Up to 4"
    Planting Depth:3" - 6" Deep
    Light Requirement:Sun / Partial Shade
    Hardiness Zones:6 - 9, Cooler Zones Lift Prior to Frost
  • Planting Instructions

    Growing Saffron Crocus - Fall Planted Crocus


    Native to Mediterranean climates, Saffron crocus can be an excellent addition to any garden. Not only are they pretty to look at, they also produce the pricey saffron spice, popular in many culinary dishes. Unlike their Spring-blooming cousins, Crocus Sativus are planted in the late Summer to early Fall and actually produce blooms in the Fall.


    Planting Saffron:

    Saffron Crocus corms are shipped out in the late Summer months. We recommend planting them as soon as possible once you receive them. Choose a planting area that receives full sun and has well-draining, loamy soil. Soil can be amended with sand, peat or compost to assist in the drainage. Look for a planting site that is relatively dry in the summer, which is the crocus corms’ dormant time.

    Plant corms about 3-5 inches deep and about 4-6 inches apart. Flowers generally come up within 6-8 weeks after planting, but can sometimes wait until the following Fall to appear. Grassy-like leaves will appear and will eventually die back as winter weather approaches. We suggest marking your planting site for these corms, as they tend to vanish until the next Fall when they come back with leaves and blooms.


    Overwintering Saffron in Cooler Climates:

    Saffron corms will overwinter in Zones 6-9, but we recommend lifting the corms in Zones 5 and cooler and bringing them indoors for the winter. After the first frosts, but before the ground is completely frozen, gently dig out the corms and place them in a container, like a crate or a plastic tub. Cover the corms with a peat moss or sand and store in a cool (40 to 50 degrees F), dry, dark area. Plant them outside again after the threat of frost has passed in your area in the Spring, be sure not to water them until they start growing again in the Fall.


    Harvesting Saffron:

    The saffron spice is actually from the 3 orangey-red stigmas in the center of each flower.  To harvest, cut the flower from the plant immediately after the flower opens and/or all signs of morning dew have dried off. Stigmas can also be pulled directly from the flower. Lay flowers in a working area away from a breeze and use small scissors or tweezers to take the 3 stigmas off of each flower. Once collected, these stigmas can be dried, but be sure not to expose them to high heat. Put them in a food dehydrator on the lowest setting, or on a screen in a warm, dry area. Store saffron in an airtight container and it will usually hold its flavor for about two years.

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Product Reviews

Global Rating: 5.00 from 6 reviews

Review By


I order a number to grow and harvest the saffron to give as gifts at Christmas. Makes a great gift. Once you see the manual labor involved you understand why saffron is expensive to buy.


Review By

Beautiful Bulbs

These saffron bulbs arrived in great condition and have already started to poke through the ground. I can't wait to use their saffron threads in rice and paella!


Review By


Dear Reader,

(Written 05 Jan 2016) This past fall, I planted 20 Crocus Bulbs in an above ground box where I usually plant my garlic. They have come up nicely although I do not know if they were supposed to come up so soon. They look healthy and strong. The winter here on the coast has been fairly mild with temperatures in the low 40's and some 30's. Since the weather seems to agree with them, I hope to expand the number of plants in the next few years. Good luck with your own garden efforts.


Review By

Great bulbs!!

I ordered this end of this Oct and sowed it immediately and I was in for a surprise when one flower bloomed all of a sudden. I had one more flower bloom from a another bulb after a week. I have planted them in terracotta pots but I was told they are frost tolerant by EdenBrothers staff and are safe to plant them on ground. I did not want to take chance!! Over all good healthy bulbs were shipped.


Review By

Great Bulbs

All ten bulbs were planted in September and started sprouting shortly after the weather got a little chilly (late October). The first bloom started today. Each bulb has a few shoots coming up, so I expect there will be quite a few flowers. Absolutely beautiful little plants, and excited to cook with strands. These were planted in a container with a mix of sand and potting soil in sunny Southern California.


Review By

It bloomed in 15 days of planting

I got this ordered and received 10 bulbs which had sprouts in all of them. I planted them 2 weeks ago and was in for a surprise when one if the bulb grew and bloomed a beautiful flower. This flower made my day. I was thinking of seeing this next fall. I planted two in each of the pots as I am not sure how they will survive in zone 6 winter. Will get them indoors in a month.

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