Collection: Fall Flower Bulbs

The leaves are changing; the weather has cooled off; and you want every excuse to be in the garden. Planting flower bulbs in fall leads to a spring of unimaginable beauty. Fall-planted varieties include alliums, daffodils, and tulips among hundreds of other favorite bulbs. Our fall bulb collection contains exclusive flower mixes that you won't find anywhere else. The more you buy, the more you save, so don't hesitate to fill every space of your fall-planted garden.

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The Best Fall-planted bulbs for gorgeous spring blooms

Summer always seems to slip by so quickly, doesn’t it? One moment we’re sowing spring seeds, and the next thing we know we’re harvesting winter squash and putting the garden to bed. While fall is a crazy time of year, busy with so many gardening chores, don’t let the task of ordering fall flower bulbs pass you by! If left undisturbed, fall bulbs will return year after year with colorful and fragrant displays. Fall bulbs typically propagate themselves, too, if given the room to expand. A one-time investment in fall bulbs will reward you with dependable blooms for seasons to come. Our classic flower collection is the key to abundant spring flowers.

Be sure to pick out a few cheerful daffodils and some bold and beautiful tulips to complement daffodils’ sunny shades. Alliums are another whimsical winter-hardy plant, and hyacinths offer a refreshing fragrance after a gentle spring rain. Better yet, bring your fall bulbs indoors for fresh flowers in winter! Let dainty, fragrant paperwhite bulbs grace your dinner table during the coldest months, or grow the lovely amaryllis in a container for a cheerful, living holiday decoration.

Where to plant fall bulbs

Order your fall flower bulbs at any time, so you’re guaranteed to get the varieties you want. We source our bulbs from the highest quality suppliers to give your flower garden the best possible start.

We’ll ship your fall bulbs at the appropriate time for your growing region, which usually falls somewhere between September and November. Fall flower bulbs ship ready to be planted, so have your site picked out and the soil amended so that your fall bulbs can go straight in the ground!

You can plant fall bulbs in containers or in the garden, just be sure to pick a well-draining site that gets full sun. If you need to move your bulbs later, no worries—bulbs transplant easy, if you wait to move them until their dormant period, which usually falls two to three months after they flower. Don’t cut fall bulbs back immediately after they flower—the plants need some time to recharge and store energy in their bulbs before going dormant.

How to plant fall bulbs for maximum color

Draw native pollinators and human admirers to your garden with swathes of spectacular color. One fun way to plant fall bulbs is to plant them in drifts, or groupings, for maximum color in the garden. Planting fall bulbs this way certainly adds visual appeal, while also helping native pollinators find these nectar-rich flowers.

To plant fall bulbs, dig a trench about six inches deep and tuck the bulbs in just like eggs in a carton. Cover with soil, and before long you’ll see foliage begin peaking out of the soil! Come late February or early March, depending on when you got your fall bulbs in the ground, you’ll see a striking display of color. Learn more about planting in Gardening 101.

Be sure to incorporate fall flower bulbs into your summer garden plan, and don’t forget to round out these early bloomers with spring bulbs and summer flowers for flowers all year long. With nearly 200 varieties available, the hardest part of planting fall flower bulbs will certainly be choosing which species and colors to grow! Make the decision easier on yourself and choose from Eden Brothers 60 Days Of Tulips or 60 Days of Daffodils for our favorite selections of breathtaking flowers.