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Basil Seeds - Genovese Ocimum basilicum

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Packet $2.50
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1/4 Pound Package $14.95 46%
1 Pound Sack $29.95 73%
5 Pound Sack $109.95 ($21.99/Lb.) 80%
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  • Annual; Grows 24-36 Inches
  • Widely considered the best basil for pesto!
  • Prefers full sun exposure

Product Description

Genovese Basil Seeds

Though its name and its reputation are as Italian as it gets, many find it interesting to note that the cultivar that we call Genovese Basil actually hails from Asia and North Africa, and then made its way north and west centuries ago. Genovese Basil today is considered by all to be the superior basil for making the tastiest pesto in the world. Plant these Genovese Basil seeds in a sunny spot and enjoy a tasty harvest of one of the world’s favorite herbs. Buy Genovese Basil Seeds by the packet or in bulk!

  • Fast Facts

    Name:Genovese Basil
    Botanical Name:Ocimum basilicum "Genovese"
    Life Cycle:Annual
    Height:24" - 36"
    Light Requirement:Full Sun
    Uses:Culinary - fresh or dried, and as a micro green
    Sowing Method:Direct or Indoor Sow
    Seeds per Pound:NA
    Hardiness Zones:3 - 10
    Average Seeds Per Packet:~1/4 tsp

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Product Reviews

Global Rating: 5.00 from 1 reviews
Basil Seeds - Genovese 5.0

Review By Nancy Smith


Pesto,pesto,pesto,...what more can I say. Yummy..home made fresh easy to grow...smells wonderful on my porch..

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