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  • Symbol of Spring; Perfect for Large Areas or Meadow
  • Spring Blooming, Bright Pop of Color, Continuous Blooms for 60 Days
  • Spring Blooming; Thrives in Full Sun and Partial Shade

Product Description

60 Days of Tulips - Long Lasting Tulip Mix

Imagine a whole season of bloom, in one convenient mix! If you love bright, colorful Tulips, this mix is for you! Easy to plant and carefree, this tulip mix, made of more than 40 varieties, will provide beautiful flowers for 2 or more months.

  • Fast Facts

    Name:60 Days of Tulips - Long Lasting Mix
    Botanical Name:Tulipa
    Mix Contents:Ad Rem, Alibi, Apeldoorn Elite, Apricot Fox, Backpacker, Banja Luka, Candy Prince, Claudia, Come Back, Conqueror, Day Dream, Dynasty, Elegant Lady, Freeman, Fringed Elegance, Golden Apeldoorn, Golden Parade, Jimmy, Judith Ruby, Menton, Mistress, Niigata, Orange Queen, Oxford, Pink Impression, Pretty Woman, Purissima, Purple Dream, Purple Lady, Royal Virgin, Sapporo, Spring Song, Sugar Flag, Sweet Flag, Synaeda Amor, Texas Flame, Uncle Tom, Van Eijk, Yellow Flight, Yellow Mountain
    Life Cycle:Perennial
    Bulb/Tuber/Root Size:12+cm Circumference - Largest Size Commercially Available
    Light Requirement:Full Sun, Partial Sun
    Planting Season:Fall
    Plant Type:Mix
    Features:Attracts Pollinators, Container Garden, Cut Flower Garden, Easy to Grow & Maintain, Fast Growing, Drought Tolerant
    Blooms:Spring, Late Spring
    Plant Height:20-24 inches
    Plant Spacing:6 inches apart
    Planting Depth:10 inches Deep
    Hardiness Zones:3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Planting Instructions

    How to Plant 60 Days Mix Tulips

    When to Plant Tulip Bulbs

    If you want to fill your garden with color next spring, plant bulbs from October to December; Tulip bulbs can actually be planted right up until Christmas and still flower perfectly well in the following spring because they only need a short season of growth.

    Where to Plant Tulip Bulbs

    Tulips perform best in full sun but will tolerate some shade. Tulips dislike wetness and require well-drained soil.They grow in most soils but if the soil is very dry, plant the bulbs a day after it has rained.

    How to Plant Tulip Bulbs

    Prepare the site by removing any weeds or stones and use a fork or trowel to loosen and aerate the soil. Use a trowel to dig a hole large enough to fit all of the bulbs that you are planting. For large quantities, you may also dig a large bed. The depth of the hole should be twice the length of the bulb itself. Make sure the pointed end of the bulb is up in the ground.

    In warmer climates plant bulbs deeper than 10 inches; the deeper you plant a tulip, the tougher it will be. Tulips planted deeper have thicker stems and fall over less often.

    When planting tulips, it is nice to place them close to one another to avoid having them standing by themselves in the spring. This is one flower that always looks better in groups. You can place bulbs as close as six inches away from each other in the ground.

    A great tip is to alternate rows of early, mid and late blooming tulips so you may enjoy tulips throughout the entire season!

    How to Care for Tulips

    Fertilize the bulbs when the foliage pushes through the soil in spring. We recommend a general low-nitrogen organic fertilizer. Remove spent flowers as soon as the bulbs finish blooming. Snapping off the top of the flower stem encourages the plant to send energy into bulb growth rather than seed production. Allow the foliage to wither completely before you remove it. Avoid summer irrigation. Tulips prefer to be dry during their dormancy. Almost all Darwin Hybrid Tulips have proven to be good perennial so they would be your best bet if you are looking for years of colorful blooms.

    Download Printable Planting Guide

  • Seed Coverage

    # of Bulbs (Dense)# of Bulbs (Moderate)
  • Mix Contents

Product Reviews

Global Rating: 5.00 from 6 reviews

Review By


These tulips were showstoppers!
I will buy more for next season.
Highly recommended.


Review By

Absolutely STUNNING

I purchased 100 bulbs in the spring and as promised they were shipped in the fall when it was time to plant them. I planted them in my front yard in one big patch. They started coming up in about late Feb early March and most of them are now fully bloomed. The colors are so bright and it’s puts you in such a happy mood to see a big colorful patch of tulips budding in early spring!


Review By

Beautiful all spring long

These tulips are true to their word. Beautiful tulips all spring long. When one variety is finished another variety springs up in its place. I loved being surprised. These flowers are spectacular. I’ve never had so many comments about my garden. A must buy.


Review By

Get these!

OMG! Really. These are amazing. One of the best decisions we have ever made in our yard. Weeks upon weeks of beautiful color. We planted 200 of these in three large containers in our back yard. I think they were about 6 inches apart and several deep. The photo on their website does not do this mix justice.
My neighbors kept commenting on how happy they were to look out their window and enjoy so much beauty and color. It's such a treat after a long midwestern winter. We are doing two more mass plantings in the front yard his fall with the same mix because how can you go wrong with this? Ok, I've gone on and on. You get the point. Thank you Eden Brothers!


Review By

Gorgeous Bulbs

I'm really impressed by the quality of these bulbs. They're HUGE and really fresh. I spent the weekend planting and can't wait till spring! Thanks, Eden Brothers.


Review By

What a show!

Bought 100 of these babies and I must say I am not disappointed! My neighbors commented on it at every stage! Colors were very varied and it really did last at least 60 days, maybe more, I lost count. I am anxious to buy more this fall!!

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