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The Bees Knees - Pollinator Wildflower Seed Mix 18 Species of Wildflower Seeds

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Unit Size Unit Price Savings Qty
1/4 Pound Package $10.95
1 Pound Sack $30.95 29%
5 Pound Sack $119.95 45%
10 Pound Sack $209.95 52% Notify Me
25 Pound Sack $479.95 56% Notify Me
50 Pound Sack $859.95
61% Notify Me
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  • 50% Perennial, 50% Annual Species; 100% Pure Seed, No Fillers
  • A rainbow of colors, attractive to birds, bees and butterflies
  • Prefers full sun exposure; Suitable for ALL USDA Zones

Product Description

Our "Bee's Knees" Pollinator Wildflower Seed Mix is packed with 18 different species that are suited for pollinators of all types! Bees, birds, and butterflies flock to the colorful gardens in which this mix is sowed. Buy a little for a small garden for our winged friends, or buy in bulk to save!
  • Fast Facts

    Recommended Region:Entire United States
    Number of Species:18
    Annual/Perennial:50% Annual / 50% Perennial
    Light Requirements:Sun
    Approx. Seeds/Pound:235,000
    Planting Info: Click Here
    Ships:Year Around
  • Seed Coverage

    Amount Recommended Coverage
    1/4 Pound Package 250-500 Sq. Ft
    1 Pound Sack 500-1,000 Sq. Ft
    5 Pound Sack 5,000-10,000 Sq. Ft
    10 Pound Sack 10,000-20,000 Sq. Ft
    25 Pound Sack 25,000-50,000 Sq. Ft
    50 Pound Sack 50,000-100,000 Sq. Ft
  • Mix Contents

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Product Reviews

Global Rating: 5.00 from 7 reviews

Review By

Beautiful... just beautiful!

I purchased several pounds in spring 2019 to plant in one of our pastures. Proper soil prep mixed with some timely rain produced super germination and seedling quickly. I was very happy with the assortment of flowers that continued blooming the entire summer. The majority of the flowers were over 3 feet and were really sturdy and held up well to summer storms

Best part was that I scored major points w the Mrs!!!


Review By

Worth every penny

This mix we purchased was just planted this spring, came up very well and fast. It's being visited daily by birds, bees and butterflies just as it was intended. I will definitely order more of this!


Review By

Very happy with the variety!

I roughed up some sloped areas in my vegie garden, sewed the seeds, and drug the rake back over to partially cover the seed, I planted just before a spring rain, and I do have drip spray head which irrigate them now. I had great germination, with lots of variety from cosmos to alyssum, sunflower and others. We have a bee hive and I wanted to provide flowers for the bees.


Review By

Great Seeds

seeds came in quick planted a few weeks ago everything seems to be coming up nicely


Review By

Growing great!!

Seeds sprouted in about a week and are growing vigorously. Hopefully I will have some nice blooms for my bees to snack on.


Review By

Seed Mix Bees Knees

I purchased 2 lbs. of seeds and planted them at the end of April and now I have a meadow of seedling coming up. I'm very happy. I will keep you informed as the year progresses. thanks


Review By

Save the bees and butterflies plant milkweed

Seedlings just starting. Waiting to them to bloom.

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