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Top O The Morning - Morning Glory Flower Seed Mix 4 Species of Wildflower Seeds

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1/4 Pound Package $10.95
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10 Pound Sack $249.95
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  • 50% Annual, 50% Perennial Species; 100% Pure Seed, No Fillers
  • A classic and easy to grow wildflower mix!
  • Prefers full sun exposure; Suitable for ALL USDA Zones

Product Description

"Top O' The Morning" - Morning Glory Flower Seed Mix

Ipomea – or "Morning Glory" – is one of our best-selling flower species, and it's no surprise why: each variety is so delicately beautiful! We've combined our customers' four favorite Morning Glory varieties into one stunning mixture that illuminates this special flower's kaleidoscope of colors. Suitable for all regions of North America.

  • Fast Facts

    Name:Top O The Morning - Morning Glory Flower Seed Mix
    Number of Species:4
    Mix Contents:Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue), Morning Glory (Grandpa Ott), Morning Glory (Scarlett O'Hara), Moonflower
    Life Cycle:50% Annual, 50% Perennial
    Light Requirement:Full Sun
    Planting Season:Spring, Fall
    Features:Attracts Pollinators, Easy to Grow & Maintain
    Blooms:Summer, Fall
    Plant Height:25+ inches
    Plant Spacing:n/a
    Planting Depth:1/2 inch
    Sowing Method:Direct Sow
    Cold Stratification:No
    Seeds per Pound:Approx. 375, 000+
    Hardiness Zones:3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
    Ships:Year Round
  • Planting Instructions

    How to Plant Morning Glory Seeds

    Seeds can be directly sown once soil temperatures are 65 degrees or above, or started indoors 4-6 weeks before the final frost date for your area.

    Be sure to pick a spot that has direct sunlight for 6-8 hours. Water weekly at first or when the soil looks dry. Once established, only water as needed.

    Seeds may be scarified, but not a requirement. To scarify, you may nick the seeds with a knife, or rub the seeds with sandpaper or a file. Then soak the seeds overnight. Plant seeds 1/2 inch deep.

  • Seed Coverage

    Amount Recommended Coverage
    1/4 Pound Package 250-500 Sq. Ft
    1 Pound Sack 500-1,000 Sq. Ft
    5 Pound Sack 5,000-10,000 Sq. Ft
    10 Pound Sack 10,000-20,000 Sq. Ft
    25 Pound Sack 25,000-50,000 Sq. Ft
    50 Pound Sack 50,000-100,000 Sq. Ft
  • Mix Contents

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Product Reviews

Global Rating: 4.67 from 3 reviews

Review By

Morning glory mix

I planted my morning glories mid spring it is now July 14th and they have been coming up nicely. A little crowded becuz my cousin along with my 5yr decided to plant the whole pound in the small space i had prepared for them. I was a little worried but they seem ok. So far, i have only one or two flowers sprouting on a daily basis, but i have the rest of the summer to look forward to. Also i only have purple flowers. I will send another review by August to you know the outcome. Overall i am pleased so far


Review By

Top o the mornings

Just Amazing ! They grew so fast and healthy and every where I placed them, just had to water them so little until the monsoon hit. I'm ordering more, LOTS MORE !


Review By

Morning Glory

I bought 1 lb of these morning glories this past spring and they are amazing!! They spread and covered a lot of areas I was trying to pretty up. The mix of colors is beautiful! I would purchase again, probably didn't need to buy as much though since they are so hardy.

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