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Goji Seeds Lycium barbarum

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  • Bright orange-red berry
  • Uses: Culinary, Medicinal, Tea, Ornamental
  • USDA Zones 3-9

Product Description

Grow Heirloom Goji - Plant Goji Berry Seeds

Known to some as Chinese Wolfberry, Goji is a woody, perennial shrub that produces bright red berries in the summer and fall. Much lauded as a "superfruit" in recent years, Goji has been used medicinally in China for centuries. Extra sweet and super nutritious, Goji berry plants produce a valuable harvest you can freeze, dry, juice and of course, eat raw like a blueberry or cranberry.

With its purple flowers, attractive foliage and bright berries, Goji berry plants make a wonderful addition to your perennial garden.

  • Fast Facts

    Name:Goji Seeds
    Botanical Name:Lycium barbarum
    Life Cycle:75% Annual, 25% Perennial
    Light Requirement:Full Sun
    Planting Season:Spring
    Features:Heirloom, Culinary, Medicinal, Outdoor
    Days to Maturity:2-3 Years
    Plant Spacing:3-5 feet
    Planting Depth:1/4 inch
    Sowing Method:Start Indoors, Direct Sow
    Cold Stratification:No
    Seeds per Packet:300 mg
    Ships:Year Round
  • Planting Instructions

    How to Grow Goji

    When to Plant Goji Seeds

    Start Goji indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost of the season. It is usually inefficient to start Goji outdoors, as healthy seedlings are a must and therefore a greater control over the germinating process is vital. If started outdoors, Goji can be sown into the garden after the threat of frost has passed.

    Where to Plant Goji Seeds

    Plant Goji in soils that are moist, well draining, slightly alkaline, and relatively nutrient-poor. Goji is very sensitive to fertilizers and will easily suffer if too much is applied, so areas that are in need of such amendments are not recommended. Goji can tolerate partial sun (4-6 hours of sun per day) but full sun (6-8 hours of sun per day) is necessary for proper fruiting. Once established, matured Goji plants become more tolerant to drought and cold temperatures, but dislike both.

    How to Plant Goji Seeds

    Plant 3-4 Goji seeds together in moist soils buried approximately 1/4th of an inch deep. Be sure to keep the soil moist throughout the germination process and give the seeds exposure to strong light. Seedlings can be transplanted into the garden when started indoors once they develop their 3rd true leaves. Be sure to harden off seedlings to avoid transplant shock. As Goji plants grow, thin out weaker plants until they are 3-4 feet apart. Larger plants can also be trellised in order to make harvesting easier.

    How to Harvest Goji

    Goji plants take 2-3 years before they start producing berries. Pick ripened berries when they are bright red and have a sweet taste. Berries should detach freely by hand if they are ready. Eat fresh berries within a couple weeks of planting or dry them in order to store them for up to a year.

    Download Printable Planting Guide

Product Reviews

Global Rating: 4.50 from 4 reviews

Review By

Goji Is VERY HARD To Grow

The one thing everyone should know is that once these seeds are planted, never transplant them. If you transplant Goji it will die. So plant the seeds in small starter pods that can be planted in whole to it final place to grow and keep soil damp. The work is well worth it once you get a plant to thrive. Plant twice as many as you will end up with. Don't put in final grow place too soon. Let the seedlings get quite bold first.


Review By

Easy to grow

First I bought the plant which grew fast. Then planted the seeds in growing pots. They grew well so I transplanted them to the garden. In one year and 6 bushes, I harvest at least a lb. or more.


Review By

A slow grower

Not sure why these seeds are taking as long as they have to grow - but they are still very small seedlings ....and out of one packet of seeds only about six seedlings have survived...not an easy plant to grow.


Review By

Goji seeds

I thought I wouldn't be able to get these going, but kept up the work... they finally sprouted up. I'm happy to say , in a few weeks, I'll be putting them in the ground.

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