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Chicory Seeds Cichorium intybus

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  • Biennial wildflower that's also popularly used as an herb
  • Open pollinated late-summer bloomer that's great for microgreens
  • Thrives in bright, sunny growing areas

Product Description

Chicory Seeds

Chicory is a very versatile plant that is equally cherished as a flower and as an herb.Chicory seeds can be planted in the most challenging of conditions, and actually tend to thrive in less-than-ideal soil.Though chicory is most famously used in teas, it has also traditionally been used to flavor coffees as well.Plant outdoors in a sunny spot with proper drainage.

  • Fast Facts

    Name:Chicory Seeds
    Botanical Name:Cichorium intybus
    Life Cycle:Perennial, Biennial
    Light Requirement:Full Sun
    Planting Season:Spring
    Plant Type:Tough, woody, hairy stems with light periwinkle-colored flowers. Could be considered invasive in areas of the USA. Check with your local agricultural office.
    Features:Open Pollinated, Attracts Pollinators, Drought Tolerant, Easy to Grow & Maintain, Fast Growing, Good for Microgreens
    Blooms:Late Summer, Late Summer, Early Fall, Fall
    Plant Height:Up to 60 inches
    Plant Spacing:8-12 inches
    Planting Depth:1 inch
    Sowing Method:Direct Sow
    Cold Stratification:No
    Seeds per Packet:1 g
    Hardiness Zones:3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
    Ships:Year Round
  • Planting Instructions

    How to Plant Chicory

    When to Plant Chicory Seeds

    Direct sow outdoors 2-3 weeks before the final frost date of the Spring, or as soon as the soil is workable. Chicory can also be started indoors, 5-6 weeks before the final frost of the season.

    Where to Plant Chicory Seeds

    Chicory does best with Full Sun exposure, although it can tolerate Partial Shade conditions. Chicory will thrive in fertile, moist, well-draining soil with a pH between 5.5 and 7.0. Work in rotted compost or organic matter if your soil is lacking in any of the major nutrients. Chicory grows best in temperatures between 40 and 70°F.

    How to Plant Chicory Seeds

    Sow Chicory seeds 6-10 inches apart in rows that are 2-3 feet distant. Seeds should be planted to a depth of 1/4 inch. Seedlings will emerge in approximately 14-21 days.

    How to Care for Chicory

    Thin seedlings to 1 every 6 inches after they develop 3 permanent leaves. Chicory requires vigilant weeding. Deadhead spent flowers and discard to help encourage healthy growth. Harvest mature leaves for use in cooking, and harvest roots for consumption in mid-October.

    Download Printable Planting Guide

  • Seed Coverage

    AmountRecommended Coverage
    PacketUp to 80 Sq. Ft
    Ounce PackageUp to 625 Sq. Ft
    1/4 Pound PackageUp to 2,500 Sq. Ft
    1 Pound SackUp to10,000 Sq. Ft
    5 Pound SackUp to 1.3 Acres

Product Reviews

Global Rating: 4.67 from 3 reviews

Review By


I love the blue color, very rare in garden plants. My plants bloomed off and on all summer; BUT they reached 6 feet tall!


Review By

Chicory Seeds

I absolute LOVE them, I planted my seeds and they are coming up all over the place, my heart is filled with JOY, can't wait to buy more seeds from you the quality of the seeds and their germination is spectacular! Thank you!


Review By

Happy to find seeds for this plant

I was happy to find that Eden Brothers carried these seeds. These grew all over my family's farm when I was a child, and I was happy to have the opportunity to grow them again. Technically a weed, I suppose, but I don't care. Apparantly the root can be dried and ground and used as coffee, which is very interesting.

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