Don’t Forget Hyacinths

Monday, August 2nd, 2021

Don’t forget Hyacinths, the bulbs with the big perfume and an alluring history.

The “other” major bulb for spring glory is the Hyacinth. It was made famous by Madame Pompadour, Louis XV’s favorite mistress at Versailles from 1741 until her death. As history tells us, she was a woman who knew how to get attention. From childhood, her mother schooled her to become the King’s mistress, and she went even beyond that. After a few years with him, she was serving as the unnamed Prime Minister of France.

A Little Hyacinth History

Hyacinths weren’t particularly popular until the Madame came along.  After conferring with some flower sellers from Holland, she used their fragrance like a weapon at court, attracting fresh new attention (for herself) each spring. She had them in arrangements in every room of the palace, and everyone swooned over the sweet scent. Ever since then, they’ve been one of the world’s standards for floral fragrance.

hyacinth blooms

Even one hyacinth in a vase spreads perfume like a lily or gardenia. So don’t miss it. Plant yours close to a window or door, and you’ll love them.

When you’re ready to plant, be sure to avoid placing your hyacinth bulbs in any area that is susceptible to standing water throughout the rainy season. Standing water is the death knell of hyacinth bulbs, and typically the only factor that will prohibit them from growing. Learn more about planting these easy-to-grow bulbs in our Hyacinth Planting Guide.

New for Fall 2021

For fall 2021, we’ve introduced several collections that include this gorgeous flower along with other popular spring bloomers. Hyacinths pair beautifully with anemones, daffodils and tulips, so we did the work of finding the perfect color combinations for you. All you need to do is plant…then get your favorite vases handy! These collections will provide ready-made bouquets come spring.