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Hollyhock Seeds (Dwarf) - Queeny Mix Alcea rosea Annual Queeny

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Packet $4.25
1 Ounce Package $26.95
1/4 Pound Package $69.95 35% Sold Out
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  • Dwarf Variety with Double Blooms; Grows up to 24 Inches
  • Spring and Summer Blooming; Yellow Blooms
  • Prefers Full Sun Exposure

Product Description

Grow Heirloom Hollyhocks - Plant Dwarf Queeny Mix Hollyhock Seeds

In a lovely mix of reds, pinks and white, our Dwarf Queeny Mix is a unique Hollyhock both for its diminutive stature (topping out at 24") and for its early flowering, perennial growing habits. Compact enough to grow in a pot or container, Dwarf Queeny Mix doesn't give up a thing when it comes to bloom size!

  • Fast Facts

    Name:Hollyhock - Dwarf Queeny Mix
    Botanical Name:Alcea rosea Queeny
    Life Cycle:Perennial
    Color:Various - Pink, Red, White
    Height:Up to 30"
    Light Requirement:Full Sun
    Sowing Method:Direct Sow
    Seeds per Pound:Approx 36,287
    Hardiness Zones:All
    Ships:Year Around
  • Seed Coverage

    AmountRecommended Coverage
    PacketUp to 75 Sq. Ft
    Ounce PackageUp to 500 Sq. Ft
    1/4 Pound PackageUp to 2,000 Sq. Ft
    1 Pound SackUp to 8,000 Sq. Ft
    5 Pound SackAbout an Acre

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Product Reviews

Global Rating: 4.00 from 1 reviews
Hollyhock Seeds (Dwarf) - Queeny Mix 4.0

Review By Genevieve DeGuzman

Germinated nicely, slow growth

I'm excited about these old-timey flowers. Instead of putting them in the ground, I put the seeds in a flower pot. Not sure how they'll take as they get bigger, but so far so good. I used up all the seeds and only got about five seedlings. They sprouted nicely though. Can't comment yet on the blooms--hopefully by summer.

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