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Zinnia Seeds - California Giants Zinnia elegans

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5.00 (23 reviews)

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Product Description:

Grow Heirloom Zinnias - Plant California Giants Zinnia Seeds

Developed in 1926, Heirloom California Giant Zinnias produce stems as tall as 4 feet with huge 5" blooms, making this variety ideal for cut flowers! The shape of the flower is a bit more open than the Dahlia Flowered variety, with petals rounded on the end.

Easy to grow, Zinnias look wonderful when planted "en masse". Plant Zinnia California Giant flower seeds in full sun, in beds and borders for a bright and  colorful garden. And then, the more you cut, the more they bloom!

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Customer Feedback:

5.00 Global Rating: 5.00 from 23 reviews
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Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 Beautiful Plants By Laura Seed I sowed these seeds in a new bed and they germinated almost immediately. The plants are doing great and I am looking forward to many blooms.
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 Happy Customer By Donnajean Doyle Received the seeds super fast. Excellent quality. Came up 3 days after planting. Can't wait till I have flowers
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 continued confidence By Donald Epple I recently made my annual purchase of the California Giants and have them sown already...and, as always, the germination appears to be nearly 100%. My Mother saved a slice of her garden for Zinnias and mine are a memorial to her. The strip in my garden is about 10'X 70'. The ground is green with seedlings. With care and water as needed, I will again have the large colorful blooms that they deliver every year. That is why I purchase from Eden Brothers. With their seeds I get a sea of beautiful color rather than frustration, and these Zinnias will offer their beauty till frost. The Lord willing, I will be purchasing them again next year. So, just save me a couple pounds.
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 Fast Germination By Patrick Fields Excellent Germination and grwth, planted and within 3 days had sprouts and now after two weeks they are a good 2 inches tall with nice leaf growth off the stem.
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 Giants indeed!! By Roger Flatford Awesome. Growing well
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 Zinna Seeds By Roger Flatford Excellent growing . Not yet bloomed.
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 Seeds By Michael Link Thank you for the package of seeds. In the ground now. I have given your web site address to many of my friends in Chicago. Things take a little longer to germinate here. Thanks again
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 These are beautiful!! By Susie Humphries I've planted these in the past and they have been gorgeous! People stop by the yard all the time and many come to take pictures!
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 dependable! By linda white white I only buy these zinnas they really grow and are very reasonable esp when you buy by pound we plant in pots where we put 12 inch nails thru bottom to keep frm blowing over they grow 4 feet high!!
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 Blooms gone too quickly By Frank K The flowers are beautiful and I've been planting them for several summers, I plant them along the road to replace the tulips of spring and receive plenty of compliments through out the summer and fall. The only problem I had was last summer, neighbors are coming and clipping the flowers. It was so bad that I was left with only the dead heads. This year I plan to put them inside my fence and guard them with my two Dobermans.
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 Beautiful By James McKelvie The colors are so vibrant and the blooms are abundant. Bloomed all summer and we are now going into October and they are still full of life. Very easy to get them started. I just spread the seeds on top of mulch and raked the mulch a little. Watered them daily and before I knew it there was an ocean of color. They seem to like it hot. The seeds I planted on the south side of the house which has dark brown siding grew faster and bigger than the same side that has a stone wall.
Everyone was just dazzled by their brilliance. They are a real crowd pleaser.
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 Drop Dead Gorgeous By Knuckleheadsnflowers The germination rate is excellent - the plant is super hardy. Not only do they get tall, the flowers are show stoppers. Great colors, interesting change in blossom as it matures.Birds love the seed heads, a hummingbird/bee fave - drought hardy! Worth every penny!!!!
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 order By Patricia Butrum First time ordering from Eden but won't be my last! Quick delivery and item as shown on website. Thanks Eden!
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 Zinnia's By Joseph Lentz Beautiful, Germination rate 99%.
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 reminds us of our Grandmothers By james goodwin zinnias zinnias zinnias!!! let the riotous color splash explode in abundance! We love our Eden Seeds!! So easy to grow year after year!!
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 growing nicely By JoAnn Kerwin growing nicely
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 Quick Starters By Randall These seeds popped very quickly. I would not hesitate to buy these if Zinnias are what your looking for. Can't verify height yet as they are less than 2 weeks old.
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 good results By moqui88 germination rates are very high with these - weather is above seventy during day and mostly mid sixties at night. Very pleased! Can't wait for the blossoms
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 Zinnia - California Giants By Georgia - Emory Univ, area planted about 3 weeks ago - sprouted and growing, approximately three inches high. time to do some thinning.
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 magical By kathleen everett We planted fields of these for our september '11 wedding- 10 pounds worth- it was beyond spectacular, we sowed them fairly densely, didn't have time to thin them, and the results were stellar. incredible return on effort output. we can't bring water to the fields, so wanted something scrappy that could withstand the NY summer, and they far exceeded our expectations.
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 good results By Dale we have been growing these giant zinnias for the last 5 years and we have always had perfect results. the whole neighborhood wants to know how we do it. simple way to add lasting color all summer long. we will do this until ???
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 Yes, I like That! By Jan S. I agree. Great results. Hoping for more this year.
Zinnia Seeds - California Giants 5.0 Sea of Colors By Donnie E. Right now, besides being a sea of color, it is also a hangout for butterflies, hummingbirds, and assorted flying insects. It is amazing but, at least in past years, this plot will keep blooming and look at least nearly like this, until frost.

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