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Wild Perennial Lupine Seeds Lupinus perennis

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3.50 (2 reviews)

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Product Description:

 Wild Perennial Lupine Seeds - Lupinus perennis

A top choice for wildflower gardeners, Wild Perennial Lupine might get a slow start in life, often taking a full season to germinate and another to bloom, but once this beauty is established, there's no stopping it!!

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Customer Feedback:

3.50 Global Rating: 3.50 from 2 reviews
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Wild Perennial Lupine Seeds 2.0 Nothing so far By Jaime G I planted these lupines and expected big results. Now I know i will jave to respond next year. The seeds seem healthy and they came right away.
Wild Perennial Lupine Seeds 5.0 This is the best Lupine Type By Marty Buck This is the king of the Lupines. I have grown most of the ones I can get my hands on from seed, but this one is the best. It takes a while from seed, but once it's established it lasts and lasts.

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