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Oregano Seeds

An easy-to-grow perennial, oregano does best in well-draining garden beds or containers placed near kitchen windows within easy reach. Pick leaves as needed throughout the growing season, making sure to do so before flowers bloom, which can diminish the plant's flavor. If you do see buds forming, pinch off to promote more leafy growth.
  • Oregano Seeds (Common) Quick View

    Origanum vulgare
    As low as $3.95 per packet
  • Oregano Seeds - Greek Quick View

    Origanum heracleoticum
    As low as $4.95 per packet
Oregano is one herb that's spicy taste does not diminish when dried. Many chefs even prefer to use it dried, as it deepens the flavor. Hang it in small bunches upside down, and then remove and store the dried, crisp leaves in a glass container. As a perennial Oregano will return annually, ensuring your supply year after year. Our Oregano Seeds are on sale, by the packet or in bulk!
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