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Tomato Seeds - Green Zebra OPEN POLLINATED

Tomato Seeds - Green Zebra
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Product Description:

Grow Open-Pollinated Tomatoes – Plant Green Zebra Tomato Seeds:

Chartreuse colored flesh with lime green stripes, Green Zebra Tomatoes are a garden favorite not only for their beautiful colors but for their sweet, rich tomato taste. The only problem you will have with this variety is when to tell if a green tomato is ripe! Hint: Green Zebra’s light green stripes turn to yellow, and its firmness in your gentle hand will show a slight “give” much like when a red tomato is ready to pick.

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Customer Feedback:

3.00 Global Rating: 3.00 from 1 reviews
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Tomato Seeds - Green Zebra 3.0 The Jury is Still Out By Linda P. Had some trouble getting what I ordered. The lady on the phone was excellent. Don't mean to gripe, but it has taken a while to get my order. Lots of seeds though in the package - a lot more than other orders Ive placed. The seeds have been planted. I will update when i have something to report. Good job to customer service!

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