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Red Corn Poppy Seeds Papaver rhoeas

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Product Description:

RED CORN POPPY SEEDS – Papaver rhoeas

Red corn poppies. Images of Van Gogh’s famous painting “Field of Poppies” or Monet’s “Poppy Field in Argenteuil” instantly come to mind. Flowers, especially bright red poppies, are the stuff of artist’s dreams. And gardeners’, too! Our Red Corn Poppy flower seeds (also known as Papaver Rhoeas) can provide you with your own poppy field or can complement other flower choices in your garden.

Red Corn Poppy seed can be planted in late autumn in colder climates or even in winter in warmer growing zones. Either way, you will be delighted with a beautiful show of brilliant color beginning in the spring months and lasting until warmer summer weather arrives. Expect these happy bloomers to self sow for new growth in succeeding seasons. Let our Red Corn Poppies inspire you to paint your own growing field of dreams

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Customer Feedback:

5.00 Global Rating: 5.00 from 5 reviews
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Red Corn Poppy Seeds 5.0 Red poppies By Carolyn List I really like poppies. Excellent
Red Corn Poppy Seeds 5.0 Just planted By TAWNI BALLINGER I like that there is a picture of this flower on the front of the packet. Also, this packet gives some specific information about this flower (ie. height) which helps me know where to plant it in the bed with other flowers.
Red Corn Poppy Seeds 5.0 Great germination By Crystal Griffin These were very easy and germinated quickly. I have small sprouts everywhere. Keeping them watered is all I'm doing and they are thriving! I will order these again next season for sure!
Red Corn Poppy Seeds 5.0 Just like the painting! By Lizzie I have a 3 acre meadow I did not know what to do with. Wildflowers seemed to be ideal for this spot and so I ordered a bunch of red corn poppy. The result has been really striking! I have another spot close by, I might try another variety so I have a different color. Maybe lupine...
Red Corn Poppy Seeds 5.0 Awesom Pure Red Color By Cheryl Mulkey I planted this beautiful poppy last year and it bloomed magnificently. I'm buying more this time. The red is a deep hue and absolutely gorgeous.

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