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Columbine Seeds

The Rocky Mountain Flower

Picture the iconic scene of a colorful garden visited by hummingbirds and you can be assured that columbine has been planted there. Tolerating partial shade, columbine has made its home in the woods as hikers and nature enthusiasts remark on its striking blooms and equally enchanting bluish-green foliage.

Plant the majestic Blue Columbine seeds, the colorful Mckana’s Giant Mix seeds, the miniature Dwarf European Columbine seeds or the exotic Oriental Columbine for that beautiful, buttercup shaped bloom.

Our Columbine Seeds are on sale, by the packet or in bulk!

Aquilegia caerulea

As low as $4.95 per Packet

As low as $3.95 per Packet & $139.95 per Pound

Aquilegia vulgaris

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Aquilegia oxysepala

As low as $4.95 per Packet

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