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Butterfly Milkweed Seeds Asclepias tuberosa

Butterfly Milkweed Seeds - Ounce
5.00 (6 reviews)

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Product Description:

Butterfly Milkweed Seeds - Butterfly Weed Seed

Butterfly Milkweed just so happens to be a beautiful flower that has long suffered from an unfortunate name. Often known in old-fashioned circles as “Butterfly Weed”, it is also sometimes referred to by the more marketing-savvy as “Butterfly Flower”. But regardless of the moniker, this beautiful native is cherished by serious wild gardeners.

For best success with this perennial seed, we recommend Fall Planting. For Spring Planting, seeds should be cold stratified prior to sowing.

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Customer Feedback:

5.00 Global Rating: 5.00 from 6 reviews
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Butterfly Milkweed Seeds 5.0 Great rate of germination. By Keith Neal Bouhht these because I killed my butterfly weed trying to transplant it, which turns out is quite diffucult to do, so I bought these seeds. Planted 12 seeds so I could give some away and only had one seed not germinate.
Butterfly Milkweed Seeds 5.0 Milkweed seeds By Mark Metcalf The seed and feed and nurseries have all had a run on the milkweeds. I was good to find somewhere that carried the seeds.

Mark M.
St. Louis
Butterfly Milkweed Seeds 5.0 Butterfly Wilkweed By Dan Dixon Almost all the seeds sprouted within two weeks.
Butterfly Milkweed Seeds 5.0 Save the monarch butterflies By Zori Cohen Buy any seeds that attract bees and butterflies. The bee population is dying off. Help save them.with fruits berries etc.any pollinators.
Butterfly Milkweed Seeds 5.0 Milkweed By Donna Wisdom They just started to sprout
Butterfly Milkweed Seeds 5.0 milkweed seeds By sonja larsen Ordering was very easy; delivery was prompt. I have no complaints about the seeds. However, I did expect them to have the white "umbrella" that floats them in the air.
I didn't specify that, so it's not Eden's fault. Everything they did was excellent. They certainly have a sophisticated website and ordering system. And emails.

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