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White Flower Seeds and Bulbs

White flowers reflect light and are luminous at night, brightening any yard or pathway. White flower gardens are commonly referred to as "moon gardens" because of this. Especially with a full moon, the lovely white blossoms provide a dreamy backyard nightlight. Plant a variety of white, silver, and similar-toned blooms and foliage. White Nymph Amaryllis Bulbs, Captain Ventura Calla Lily Bulbs, White Cloud Poppy Seeds, Cactus Snowman Zinnia Seeds, Royal White Sweet Pea Seeds, and more are among the over 200 varieties available at Eden Brothers.
Create a glowing white flower garden
  • 200+ white flower varieties
  • Offers a peaceful and dreamlike aesthetic to your garden
  • Calla lilies, daffodils, cosmos, and more
  • White varieties for every blooming season

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