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Strawberry Plant - Mara des Bois Everbearing (Day Neutrals)


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Product Description:

Strawberries - Mara des Bois A wildly flavorful, French bred Strawberry!

Mara des Bois is a unique Strawberry variety, bred in France to capture that particular Wild Strawberry taste in a home garden environment! Mara des Bois are not a strawberry for everyone, but rather a more gourmet, specific flavor and high fragrance, reminiscent of their wild growing ancestors. Not the largest, or the sweetest, but a berry that offers a one of a kind flavor experience. The Mara des Bois is a Day Neutral* vigorous producer of fruits as well as runners, self pollinating and make a great choice for a container or raised bed environment.

*Unlike traditional Junebearing strawberries, Everbearing Day Neutral berry plant varieties will produce a constant crop throughout the summer and into the fall, provided temperatures stay within range (35 degrees to 85 degrees F.)

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