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Peonies - Shirley Temple ADVANCE SALE COMING SOON

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Out for Season
  • Perennial; Grows up to 25 Inches
  • Late Spring Blooming, Easy to Grow, Soft Pink Flowers
  • Prefers Full Sun

Product Description

Named after one of America's most famous child actors, the spring-plant Shirley Temple Peony is sure to be a star in your flowerbed too! The big, perennial blooms of the Shirley Temple Peony reach 5 to 7 inches and are a soft blush pink color that lightens to cream. Your Shirley Temple Peonies thrive in open areas with rich soil and full sun.
  • Fast Facts

    Name:Shirley Temple Peony
    Botanical Name:Paeonia
    Life Cycle:Perennial
    Bulb/Tuber Size:2 - 3 Eyes
    Color:Soft Pink Blooms
    Planting Season:Spring
    Bloom Season:Late Spring
    Height at Maturity:Up To 25"
    Planting Depth:Top of Root Should Be No More Than 1" - 2" Below Soil
    Light Requirement:Full Sun
    Hardiness Zones:3 - 8
  • Planting Instructions

    How to Grow Peonies:

    Find a location where the soil drains well IE no standing water after a storm. Peonies prefer soil that provides average moisture, but is not water logged. Keep in mind that your peonies will live for years, so adding nutrients in the form of compost, to the soil when planting is a good idea. Natural fertilizers work better than chemical fertilizers as peonies are heavy feeders, so unless you have VERY fertile soil, you should use some kind of composting, mulch or manure to help you peony bulbs/rhizomes.

    Plant peonies where they will receive full sun for best results. While peonies will survive in moderate shade they will not bloom as well. At least 6 hours of strong sun is recommended. Your peonies will be shipped to you according to growing zone, so when you receive them, it is the ideal time to get them in the ground.

    Plant clumps of bulbs 3 feet apart so the roots have enough space to grow. Peony bulbs should be placed face up, with the buds facing upward, digging holes 8 inches across and 12 inches deep is on the average perfect. When you cover the peony bulb make sure it is loosely covered with soil about 2 inches above the buds. Any deeper, and the buds may not be able to grow out of the soil.

    After planting, water generously, soak the soil. Foliage will appear in the spring and will be easily identified because they are bright red or pink. The sprouts will grow and change to green as they mature. Flower buds will follow although buds don't always form the first spring.

    The first year most roots will produce 2-5 leaves and 1-2 flowers. The plant will continue to grow each year, and by the fourth or fifth year it will be fully established and mature. Watering heavily on a weekly basis is usually more beneficial to peonies than a light watering every couple of days.

    As fall arrives the leaves will yellow, and then wilt, after the first frost. We recommend dividing peony bulbs in the fall by digging them up and cutting them into sections. Ideally, do this after the first frost has killed the foliage. You should cover the bulbs with a layer of mulch to help them through the winter.

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Product Reviews

Global Rating: 5.00 from 2 reviews
Peonies - Shirley Temple 5.0

Review By Keisha Hartley

Can't wait for the blooms

Peonies are happy and healthy can't wait for them to bloom they're about half a foot tall. Took to the soil quickly. Having some issues with sun exposure but they're tough little cookies.

Peonies - Shirley Temple 5.0

Review By Farrar Cusomato

Peony Tubers

I received my peony tubers in April and when they arrived I was surprised how how large they were, one with 5 or more eyes. I haven't seen them flower yet, but the tubers were very healthy, fresh and large! I'm excited to see them flower!

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