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Upon receipt of your package or box, be sure to open immediately and check the contents. The products you have just received are perishable and care should be taken to ensure their future viability.

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If You Have Received Seeds

Store your seeds in a cool, dry and dark location. Most seeds have a long shelf life, but heat and moisture will cut that life short. Dedicate a drawer or cabinet to storing your seeds where you can also house your gardening journal close at hand for dreaming, planning and preparing.

If You Have Received Bulbs

Check that all bulbs are in planting condition. Our mission is to ship you your product within weeks of your planting time for your area. Perishable bulbs are not intended to be kept in the box for a long period of time. Upon initial inspection, they should be firm and healthy-looking. Some surface mold is natural and acceptable. If any of your bulbs are soft or mushy please contact us immediately.

Choosing Your Planting Site

Take into consideration sun, moisture and drainage requirements (and the labor needed to ensure these vital components) when planning your planting locations. Often, the more effort you put toward preparing your planting area will bring you the most rewards. Whether you strive for a natural or more formal look, planting sites for seeds and bulbs alike will need most of the same conditions: moist, well-draining, weed and rock-free soil, and at least 6-8 hours of sunlight a day. Loosen the soil to a depth of no more than 8” – 10” and enrich with organic matter such as compost.

Look up your Hardiness Zone!

Planting Resources


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