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Marshmallow Seeds Althaea officinalis

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  • Able to grow in damp areas
  • Uses: Culinary, Medicinal, Ornamental
  • Perennial herb

Product Description

Grow Heirloom Herbs - Plant Marshmallow Seeds

Yes, this is the plant responsible for the sticky sweet treat we all know and love. The sugary confection has been made from the root of the Marshmallow plant since ancient times! Today, no s'more is complete without one, and we think no garden should be either! A lovely, ornamental plant in addition to its medicinal and culinary properties, Marshmallow is a perennial shrub that offers large, pale pink blooms on erect plants with large green leaves.

  • Fast Facts

    Name:Marshmallow Seeds
    Botanical Name:Althaea officinalis
    Life Cycle:Perennial
    Light Requirement:Full Sun, Partial Sun
    Planting Season:Summer, Fall
    Features:Heirloom, Culinary, Medicinal, Outdoor
    Days to Maturity:n/a
    Plant Spacing:18 inches
    Planting Depth:1/4 inch
    Sowing Method:Direct Sow
    Cold Stratification:Yes
    Seeds per Packet:350 mg
    Ships:Year Round
  • Planting Instructions

    How to Grow Marshmallow

    When to Plant Marshmallow Seeds

    Fall planting in cold temperatures aid in the germination of Marshmallow herb seeds.

    If starting Marshmallow seeds indoors, a period of cold stratification is needed. Transplant outdoors in mid to late spring.

    Where to Plant Marshmallow Seeds

    Marshmallow herb plants prefer moist soils or marsh with good drainage and will germinate best in cooler temps. Once established, the Marshmallow plant is known to self-seed but not in an aggressive way.

    How to Plant Marshmallow Seeds

    After stratification, seeds are best started indoors for a few weeks before transplanting outside in mid to late spring. Keep germinating seeds moist, and transplant to larger containers, gradually acclimating to outdoor conditions. 

    When transplanting, space plants 12 inches apart and surround with mulch.

    How to Harvest Marshmallow

    During growing season, the flowers and leaves are edible and can be added in salads or other dishes in small amounts.

    Marshmallow roots can be harvested after the second or third fall after germination. Use a sharp knife to cut the root before the soil has frozen. Make sure to clean the root thoroughly, dry and cut immediately.

    Download Printable Planting Guide

Product Reviews

Global Rating: 5.00 from 1 reviews

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Really happy with these seeds

Very healthy looking. Every seed has sprouted and is growing great in Utah.

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