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How to Grow Daffodil Bulbs

It is only when the first daffodils begin to color that you know that winter is on the run. Daffodils - which are more properly called narcissi - are the surest sign that the days are lengthening. Daffodil bulbs are a snap to plant and require only minimum effort and time. They are a perennial fall planted bulb that will provide years of beautiful mid-spring bloom. 1- When to Plant your Daffodil Bulbs: You can comfortably plant daffodil bulbs from September through December. 2- Where to Plant your Daffodil Bulbs: The first step in any daffodil bulb planting is to choose the right site for your daffodil bulbs.Daffodils prefer sunlight, but are also very versatile, and as such, can typically tolerate a good bit of shade as well.When planting daffodil bulbs, choose a spot with rich and well drained soil.A little dampness is fine, but do not plant daffodil bulbs at a site that attracts standing water for any prolonged period of time. 3- How to Plant your Daffodil Bulbs: Once the right site has been chosen, plant your daffodil bulbs about 4 or 5 inches apart and about 6 inches deep.Though its advisable to plant daffodil bulbs in groups of at least 30, do not crowd the bulbs too close together as this may inhibit future growth.After the daffodil bulbs are planted, we recommend supplementing the existing soil with a rich top soil to stimulate propagation.Additionally, the use of fertilizer when planting daffodil bulbs is recommended, but not necessary. 4- How to Care for your Daffodil Bulbs: Once your daffodil bulbs have been planted, you should water the site regularly, being careful not to over-water.After the daffodils bloom in the spring, wait until the foliage has turned brown naturally before cutting or trimming.Be sure not to cut the foliage too early, as this will possibly inhibit growth in subsequent years.
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