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Bean Seeds - Edamame OPEN POLLINATED

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  • Early-maturing; 68-80 Days
  • Bush type; Grows 20-24 Inches
  • Pods yield 2-3 beans each

Product Description

Edamame Bean Seeds

Grow your own organic Edamame! Steamed and lightly salted, this yummy snack from the east is taking over American kitchen counters! Edamame is the biggest and earliest soybean available, used traditionally in Oriental restaurants. Heavy yields with large pods.

  • Fast Facts

    Botanical Name:Phaseolus vulgaris
    Type:Open Pollinated
    Size at Maturity:2-3" Pods
    Days to Maturity:60-80 Days
    Light Requirement:Full Sun
    Planting Time:Spring
    Sowing Method:Direct Sow
    Planting Depth:1"
    Plant Spacing:4"
    Seeds per Pound:NA
    Hardiness Zones:All
  • Planting Instructions

    When to plant:

    • Beans grow best in temperatures between 50-85F, so sow your bean seeds in the spring after all danger of frost has passed.
    • If you want a large crop to be ready almost all at once for canning or freezing, sow all of the seeds at the same time.
    • If you want a higher, continuous yield throughout the season, you can have a succession of plantings throughout the season.

    How to Plant:

    • Beans grow best in full sun, but edamame can handle some light shade.
    • Prepare the beds by amending with compost and organic material so that you have loose, well-drained soil.
    • For higher yields, plant the seeds 12-18 inches apart.
    • If you are low on space, the seeds can be planted as close as 4 inches apart.
    • Water the seeds after planting. They will do best if there is consistent moisture throughout the season.

    How to Harvest:

    • Harvest your edamame when you notice the pods are bright green, but have turned plump.
    • You only have between 3 and 7 days to harvest, so keep an eye on them.
    • Picking the pods in the evening will provide the best flavor edamame.

    Edamame is poisonous when eaten raw. Edamame should always be cooked prior to consumption.

    The flavor and smell of edamame plants is irresistible to creatures like rabbits and deer. Covering your garden with netting or other coverings will help deter four-footed friends from eating the edamame before you can.

    As the plants grow, you’ll notice that they will reach about 2-3 feet in height. If they flop over because of rain or wind, you can install stakes on each end of the row of plants and run string between the stakes to give the plants support.

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