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Dahlia Bulbs (Melody) Dora Out for Season

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Out For Season (see schedule)

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Product Description:

  Melody Dahlia - Dora

Lovely and summery, this beautiful and compact Melody Dahlia is a top choice for borders and containers. Super versatile, Dora produces large, warm colored blooms perfect for any region!

Customer Feedback:

5.00 Global Rating: 5.00 from 1 reviews
Dahlia Bulbs (Melody) Dora 5.0 dahlia - Dora By Deborah Kidd I plan to plant these in large pots, each with another dahlia that I have to pair them with. They'll be a wonderful compliment to each other. The lower height of "Dora" along with a good size bloom is perfect for my pots. Thank you!

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