Salmon Star – Spectacular new Oriental Lily that lives up to its name

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

This beautiful newer member of the Oriental Lily Group brought a brand new color to the group, and what a color it is!  Each petal is apricot pink, with a deep salmon-colored stripe down its center.

Salmon Star is long-lasting when cut. All buds open over 2-3 weeks

Salmon Star has the elegant curved petals of many Orientals.

Good Closeup of Salmon Star

Clump of 6 Salmon Star plants in Zone 7 garden. July.

And imagine the competition. The  Oriental Group includes Stargazer, the stunning red lily that is No. 1 in the world, and also famous Casablanca, the large white lily that’s always seen at weddings.  Like the others, Salmon Star has that strong Oriental Lily fragrance—enough to scent a whole room, and a huge bonus in the garden.

Salmon star is medium height, which means taller than Stargazer  (3 ft.) and shorter than towering Casablana (up to 6 ft.)  Salmon Star reaches about 3 ½ ft. its first year, and then probably 4 ½ ft. after a year or two in the ground.  Like all Oriental Lilies, it makes spectacular bouquets.And after all the reds, pinks, and whites among the Orientals, a delicious new color is most welcome.

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