Four O’Clock Seeds

About Four O'Clock

Four O'Clock's, so named because they typically bloom late in the afternoon, are among the most colorful, fragrant, and robust of all flowers that can be grown from seed. They're very versatile too, as the seeds of the Four O'Clock can be sown directly into the soil or into pots or other containers such as barrels. Plant Four O'Clock seeds in the spring for late summer/early autumn blooms.

When to Plant Four O'Clock Seeds

Direct sow in the Spring, after the threat of frost has passed.

Where to Plant Four O'Clock Seeds

Four O'Clock's do best in Full Sun, and can tolerate Partial Shade, but may grow spindly. They thrive in rich, well-draining, and loamy soil that tests as neutral to slightly acidic in pH.

How to Plant Four O'Clock Seeds

Nick the seed coating and soak your Four O'Clock seeds overnight the day before planting. Cover seeds with 1/4 inch of soil, spacing 12 inches apart. Then thin to 2 feet apart.

How to Care for Four O'Clock

When the plant is still early in it's growth, pinch back the main shoot to encourage bushier growth. Four O'Clock's require little maintenance, and simply watering to keep the soil consistently moist. Plants will die back after frost, but return in the subsequent Spring!


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