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Bearded Iris - Blue Mix Out For Season

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Out For Season - (see schedule)

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Bag of 5 $19.99 Out For Season
Bag of 10 $29.99 25% Out For Season
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Out for Season
  • Collection of 5 Striking Blue, Purple & White Bearded Irises
  • Easy to Grow; Deer Resistant; Prefers Full Sun & Well-Drained Soil
  • A Must for Any Perennial Garden, Adding Colors & Heights

Product Description

Donít want to decide between all of our different shades of blue Bearded Irises? This mix has a fantastic spread of color and heights to add dimension and color to your garden. Purples, blues and whites mix together in harmony.
  • Fast Facts

    Name:Blue Mix - Bearded Iris
    Botanical Name:Iris croatica
    Life Cycle:Perennial
    Color:Mix of Blue Bearded Iris Varieties
    Planting Season:Early Fall
    Bloom Season:Spring
    Height at Maturity:2-4 feet tall
    Planting Depth:In a shallow hole with fleshy roots partially exposed
    Light Requirement:Sun / Partial Shade
    Hardiness Zones:3 - 10
  • Planting Instructions

    When to Plant your Bearded Irises:
    • Plant your Bearded Iris rhizomes in the late Summer. 
    Where to Plant your Bearded Irises:
    • Plant your Bearded Iris rhizomes in a sunny spot where the soil is well-draining and  has a pH level of a little less than 7.
    • If necessary, do a soil test and amend the soil accordingly.
    How to Plant your Bearded Irises:
    • Allow for plenty of space between rhizomes so they don't get too crowded.
    • Place the rhizomes into their spots in your planting area and water them well. 
    How to Care for your Bearded Irises:
    • When your Bearded Irises are done blooming for the season, cut back the green foliage to about 4-6 inches high so the plant won't waste energy trying to maintain the leaves throughout the winter. Divide your rhizomes every 3-4 years. 

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Product Reviews

Global Rating: 5.00 from 1 reviews

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Very dynamic with contrast colors that pop out and catch your eye.

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