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Zinnia Seed Collection - 6 Individual Colors Zinnia elegans

Zinnia Seed Collection - 6 Individual Colors
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 Zinnia Seed Packet Collection - 6 Packets of Individual Colors - Zinnia elegans

A must for the Zinnia collector! This is a collection of six individual colors of  Zinnia elegans Seed Varieties! Zinnias are a classic garden favorite, but if you can't choose just one you're in good company and this collection is just for you! Each collection contains one packet each of the 6 varieties listed in the Mix Content tab below.

A favorite of crafters, florists and gardeners alike, Zinnias are easy to grow annuals, preferring warm weather and full sun!

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5.00 Global Rating: 5.00 from 1 reviews
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Zinnia Seed Collection - 6 Individual Colors 5.0 seeds By Gary Johnston have always been satisfied with Eden seeds

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