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Wallflower Seeds

Nothing shy about this wildflower!

An early season bloomer, planting Wallflower seeds can brighten gardens and containers in early spring by shaking off those restless winter blues! The key to getting that bright pop of color that all gardeners are hungry for is planting Wallflower seeds in large groups. A fabulous vase flower, heavily sowing Wallflower seeds will give you enough plants to enjoy their rich, velvety and fragrant dense clusters of petals both inside and outside your home.

Wallflower seeds have average water needs and tolerate poor soil well.

Our English and Siberian Wallflower Seeds are on sale, by the packet or in bulk!

Cheiranthus cheiri

As low as $2.95 per Packet & $39.99/Lb.

Cheiranthus allionii

As low as $2.50 per Packet

& $21.99/Lb.

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