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Tulip Bulbs - All Star Mix
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Product Description:

60 Days of Tulips - Long Lasting Tulip Mix
Imagine a whole season of bloom, in one convenient mix! If you love bright, colorful Tulips, this mix is for you! Easy to plant and care-free,  this tulip mix, made of more than 40 varieties, will provide beautiful flowers for 2 or more months. 

Customer Feedback:

5.00 Global Rating: 5.00 from 2 reviews
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60 Days of Tulips - Long Lasting Mix 5.0 Gorgeous Bulbs By Joseph Huels I'm really impressed by the quality of these bulbs. They're HUGE and really fresh. I spent the weekend planting and can't wait till spring! Thanks, Eden Brothers.
60 Days of Tulips - Long Lasting Mix 5.0 What a show! By Nancy Bought 100 of these babies and I must say I am not disappointed! My neighbors commented on it at every stage! Colors were very varied and it really did last at least 60 days, maybe more, I lost count. I am anxious to buy more this fall!!

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