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Thyme Seeds Flavorful and Aromatic

Wonderfully aromatic culinary and ornamental herb, Thyme enjoys a long and interesting history spanning back to the Ancient Egyptians. Today, we enjoy its fragrance and culinary use. The fresh form of Thyme is the most flavorful, but also the least convenient as storage life is rarely more than a week. Therefore, growing Thyme is the best way to bring this herb into your home and kitchen, as it is easy to grow from seed and readily available to snip from as needed. If the plant produces more than you can use, rest assured that Thyme retains its dried flavor better than many other herbs.

A premier online supplier of Thyme Herb Seeds, Eden Brothers offers Thyme Seed varieties for sale. Buy by the packet, pound or in bulk! For large jobs, contact us for wholesale prices.

Thymus vulgaris

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Thymus vulgaris

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Thymus vulgaris
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