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Sunflower Seeds - Taiyo Helianthus annuus

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Unit Size Price Savings Qty
Packet $2.75
1 Ounce Package $8.95 Sold Out
1/4 Pound Package $19.95 44% Sold Out
1 Pound Sack $39.95 72% Sold Out
5 Pound Sack $149.95 ($29.99/Lb.) 79% Sold Out
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  • Annual; Grows 40-60 Inches
  • Taiyo blooms have a unique 6-8 Inch bulls-eye center
  • Prefers full sun exposure

Product Description

Taiyo Sunflower Seeds -Helianthus annuus

An interesting and unique large-head variety of Sunflowers, Taiyo features distinctive rings within its large, dark center, fringed by traditional yellow petals. Taiyo Sunflower blooms create a fun "bulls-eye" effect that can be enjoyed both in the garden and in cut flower arrangments.

Sunflowers are generally easy to grow and, you guessed it, love the sun! Plant in a full sun location with well draining soil and enjoy a beautiful summertime display!

  • Fast Facts

    Name:Sunflower - Taiyo
    Botanical Name:Helianthus annuus
    Life Cycle:Annual
    Bloom Season:Summer/Fall
    Height:40-60 Inches
    Light Requirement:Sun
    Sowing Method:Direct Sow
    Seeds per Pound:Approx 4,500
    Hardiness Zones:All
    Ships:Year Around
  • Seed Coverage

    AmountRecommended Coverage
    PacketUp to 8 Sq. Ft
    Ounce PackageUp to 25 Sq. Ft
    1/4 Pound PackageUp to 100 Sq. Ft
    1 Pound SackUp to 400 Sq. Ft
    5 Pound SackUp to 2,000 Sq. Ft

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