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Heirloom Raspberry Ė Heritage Heritage

Raspberry plants are the number one choice for heavy yields of firm berries with exceptional flavor. Extra sweet with great red color, Heritage Raspberries are the perfect berry for freezing and preserving. Everbearing plants are vigorous and hardy, producing two seasonal crops in a year on strong, upright canes that donít require staking. Harvest from older canes in the summer and from new canes again in the fall. Whether youíre after fresh off the bush berries or a bumper crop for jams and jellies, Heritage Raspberry plants are a great addition to your garden.

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Oct 16, 2013
Good Plant by Mark May (Flippin Ar US)

I live in north central Arkansas and planted this variety this spring (2013). Within 3 weeks the plant had bloomed and produced a handful of berries . Since this was a bare root plant , I really did not expect much from it . I was pleasantly surprised at the vigorous growth of 3 canes after initial fruiting ,the canes (3)of them are now 3" tall and very lush . I did not fertilize them at all . I am waiting to see the plants growth in spring and hope to enjoy the luscious sweet fruit .We live in zone 6

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