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Poppy Seeds - Hens & Chicks Papaver somniferum

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Characterized by its unique pod, this variety of Poppy Flower Seed will not disappoint in your garden! The Hens and Chicks Poppy somniferum features a single large seed head with clustered smaller heads around its base, as you may see a mother hen with her chicks. The somniferum poppy is prized for the amount of seed produced by individual pods, suitable for baking and making oils. However, this Poppy's culinary uses are overshadowed by the spectacular blooms it produces! The bloom itself flaunts large, paper thin lilac petals with dark purple center spots that will glow with color in sunlight.

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5.00 Global Rating: 5.00 from 2 reviews
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Poppy Seeds - Hens & Chicks 5.0 good By Sabrina Murray good
Poppy Seeds - Hens & Chicks 5.0 Poppy seeds By William Smith I grew up in a home surrounded by flowers. My Mother loved Lilac's and Hens & Chicks Poppies the most. My Father planted Rose's. I lost both of them almost twenty years ago and now that I am retired I am planting their favorites. None of the Poppies came up as I planted them in 90 to a 100 degree weather. Neither did the Delphinium's or Hollyhocks or Daisies. The Zinnia's and Sunflowers did fine. I was really disappointed so I bought a T5 Florescent light and started all of them indoors. Almost every Poppy seed germinated along with all the rest. I replanted some of them outside and they are doing good. It's back up to 100 degrees again so I won't move the rest outside when it's cooler. Next year I will be able to start them in the spring like you are supposed to. I had serious health problems that I have overcome or I would of planted on time this year. I would highly recommend Eden Brothers seeds!

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