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Love in a Mist Seeds - Mixed Colors Nigella damascena

Love in a Mist Seeds - Mixed Colors - Ounce
5.00 (2 reviews)

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Product Description:

Love in a Mist Seeds - Mixed Colors

A lovely mix of delicate blue, pink and white blooms, Love in a Mist is a summer blooming annual. Adaptable to full sun or partial shade, but be sure to keep it moist.

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Customer Feedback:

5.00 Global Rating: 5.00 from 2 reviews
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Love in a Mist Seeds - Mixed Colors 5.0 love in a mist By debbie mcvey Can't say enough good things about Eden Brothers. They are my lifetime go to seed company. Bought a large amount of Love in a Mist to give as wedding guests gifts. They arrived and the seeds inside the mailer had opened. When I told customer service what happened and how I couldn't salvage the seeds inside the mailer...they sent me out a new patch and arrived within days ( and well before the wedding). They wanted to know how much I thought was lost and then shipped twice as much as I asked for! Now that is customer service!!
Love in a Mist Seeds - Mixed Colors 5.0 NIGELA LOVE IN THE MIST SEEDS By Buddy Radebaugh These seeds were a freebie, which is always nice.

I will be planting them during the next week and we're looking forward to seeing them in bloom this summer.

Me mam used to have the standard 'blue' ones in her garden year-after-year ( since they're notorious at building up a seedback and naturalising ).

I've never grown them myself, but they're a perfect summer annual and we'll just let them naturalise--only we have an assortment of blue and violet shades, which is even better, since our back garden is a complete study in pink, blue and lavender from spring until fall.

Thank you.

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