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Indoor Planted Bulbs 

Bring Springtime Inside!

Growing Paperwhites and Amaryllis indoors offers you the enjoyment of spring colors long before the season arrives. While outside temperatures may still be freezing, Paperwhites and Amaryllis can be forced to bloom inside with minimal effort. To start your indoor bulbs, choose either a pot filled with soil for Amaryllis, or a shallow bowl filled with water and small rocks, marbles, or pebbles for Paperwhites.

Paperwhites offer delicate beauty and an intense fragrance. Buy a couple dozen paperwhite bulbs and store them in a cool, dry place. Start some every few weeks for blooms right through February. In just 3-5 weeks after “planting”, blooms will appear and springtime will begin, if just inside your home!

Much like Paperwhites, Amaryllis are indoor planted bulbs that offer exotic blooms and vibrant colors when little else is blooming outside.  They like to be crowded inside their pots, so choose a container that gives one or two inches around the bulb.  Plant more than one variety or stagger your planting times to ensure blooms during the holidays.

A premier online supplier of Indoor Planted Bulbs, Eden Brothers offers 7 Indoor Planted Bulb varieties for sale.  Buy by the bag or in bulk!  For large plantings, contact us for wholesale prices.


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